One of The Worst Things That a Woman Could Hear From a Man…Or in General for That Matter.

the fear of never being good enough

Originally I was going to post a nice little write-up about how my walls came crashing down and how I let someone in and how nice it was and blah blah blah. But in the space of one day things have changed and now I’m going to let some steam out.  I will try and keep the swearing to a minimum but if I stick with my truth mantra (always be honest) then the first part of this sentence is bullshit. Anyway, this is the story of the worst thing I could have heard as a reason not to continue dating me. It might seem long, sorry, but keep reading!

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Eat Butter… The exhaustion of all these food revelations



I’m sure by now you’ve heard that Time magazine has officially stated that eating butter is back on the menu. If you haven’t seen their latest cover then here you go…


I for one am not mad at this new revelation. How can I be? It’s telling me to eat butter! Who the hell could get mad at that. What my panties are getting tangled up about is the fact that it is yet one more revelation to add to the millions already in circulation. This is making me want to shout out, ‘hey 21st century scientists/researchers/ dieticians/nutritionists/all-seeing-eyes  You gat lots ah esplaainnin tooo douu!’ (say it again in a thick Spanish accent…I’ll wait).

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