Singles Awareness Day

It would appear that today is Singles Awareness Day. As if we needed a dedicated day to be singled out even more than we already do. **Spoiler** We were very ‘aware’ of our singledom yesterday. And why might I add, is this ‘awareness’ the day after Valentine’s day? It seems like a commiseration prize that all the happy sappy couples cooked up and served with an air of smugness. We get the leftovers, the day after everyone declares their love to their significant lovers. Is that it? For the life of me, I don’t understand it. I know I’m single! I don’t need a day to remind me and others like me that in society’s eyes, we’re a bunch of lonely bastards for which pity must be bestowed upon us.

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The Best Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Well, my how the time flies. It would seem another Valentine’s Day has crept around the corner to grace us with its presence. Despite me being single yet again on this joyous  occasion, I’ve decided to do a post on more meaningful things you could do as opposed to your run-of-the-mill restaurant affair.

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The Best Ideas, Treats & DIY’s For Valentine’s Day


Well can you believe it! Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! I know some of you may still be scrambling to find some things to do for your significant other. So… here are some cheap, cheery and fun ideas!
Enjoy! And don’t forget to click on the images so you can see all the how-to’s.

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Theme of The Week: Love – In All Its Forms, As Well As Some Nonconformities


I’ve decided to dedicate this week to Love. Awwww, how cute is that? No, wait a minute, I think I might barf. Anyway, no matter what my feelings are on the matter, I wanted to talk about love in all its glory. As well as all its ugliness. The real reason however, is because Valentine’s Day and 50 Shades of Grey are both on Saturday. So I thought, why not do a week dedicated to a subject that has perplexed, annoyed, exhilarated, annihilated, embodied, punched, saddened and evoked me? After all, it is the one and only subject that I have been so obsessed with for all of my life. So I might as well stop being so stank face about it. It’s about time I embrace it. Or at least openly admit that I have a few issues. It’s the men I tell ya. They have driven me so crazy that my eye starts twitching and my hands ball up into a fist….But I will be the first one to admit, that it’s about time to let go of this grudge.

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