The Man Who Said He Wasn’t ‘Feeling It’…

I'm just not feeling it

Men still, to this day, perplex me. It’s a subject that I probably won’t be able to master in my lifetime. Sure, I might get close but in the end they (men) will inevitably do something to throw me for a loop. And oh, how it frustrates me so.

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Weekend Photo Journal: Lusting On Geometric Inspired Awesomeness

Geometric Style This weekend I’m celebrating everything that has to do with geometric patterns. From nails, make-up, Gifs, hair, fashion, interior design, tattoos and everything else in between. I am simply in love with it. There’s something so futuristic yet simplistic about it all. So without yapping on and on about it, why don’t I just show you.

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Birthday Resolutions… A whole lot of ’em.

Birthday Resolutions

Why hello my little Pandas! Tomorrow (actually in a few minutes) is officially my birthday. Yup another year in the can! I would’ve liked to give a proverbial hollaaah with a ‘woop woop’ but I have somehow become a moody old cow over the last day or so.

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