One of The Worst Things That a Woman Could Hear From a Man…Or in General for That Matter.

the fear of never being good enough

Originally I was going to post a nice little write-up about how my walls came crashing down and how I let someone in and how nice it was and blah blah blah. But in the space of one day things have changed and now I’m going to let some steam out.  I will try and keep the swearing to a minimum but if I stick with my truth mantra (always be honest) then the first part of this sentence is bullshit. Anyway, this is the story of the worst thing I could have heard as a reason not to continue dating me. It might seem long, sorry, but keep reading!

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Why Women Faking Orgasms Is Not A New Revelation…



Let’s start off by saying that faking an orgasm can be quite common for women; almost like breathing. Are some men surprised at this fact? Is society? Last time I checked over half of us are women. So we are either keeping the greatest farce alive for a specific reason or we have a problem discussing it openly and honestly. There should be no more shock about it anymore. Sometimes it happens. At times it could be necessary while other times it’s accidental. There are many reasons behind such deception. So brace yourselves and hang on to your undies people!

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A Girl’s Guide: To Surviving Sex For The First Time With Someone New

bunny sex relationships

Oh boy… This one’s a doozy isn’t it? It’s quite possibly one of the most awkward, fumbling, tumbling yet exhilarating experiences one will every go through. And unfortunately, it will probably happen each and every time you have sex with someone new. Unless however, you’re uber confident in your skills and your naked body. I however feel pity to those that befall my nakedness because it’s something that their tiny eyeballs can’t unsee.

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The Man Who Said He Wasn’t ‘Feeling It’…

I'm just not feeling it

Men still, to this day, perplex me. It’s a subject that I probably won’t be able to master in my lifetime. Sure, I might get close but in the end they (men) will inevitably do something to throw me for a loop. And oh, how it frustrates me so.

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The Weirdest Search Terms That People Use To Stumble Upon My Blog – Part 2 – Sex & Love



It’s time for Part two of the weirdest search terms that people use to find my blog. You can see Part One here.

Like I’ve stated previously, people are odd and what they search for on the internet is even odder. With the other post I tried to interpret what people were trying to search for since it had Panda in it and then I would give those searches my sound, funny advice. Okay, my sarcastic advice. For this one I am just going to list them and give my sarcastic advice straight out the gate. Reason being, the search terms relate to sex, cheating and love. So, here it goes.

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The Weirdest Search Terms That People Use To Stumble Upon My Blog…Part 1- Pandas

Baby panda
One of the great things about WordPress, is that it gives you statistics for your blog site. It really helps seeing what works and what doesn’t, what countries people are from and how many people visit your site a day. It’s a pretty awesome tool to have.As I was looking through all the options one day I noticed a section that was labelled ‘Search Terms’. This was in the very beginning of me starting my blog, where I only had a few blog posts up at the time. Therefore no search entries had been logged. This search section was able to tell me what people had typed into google or any other search engine. It narrowed their exact search terms that they used to eventually stumble upon one of my blog links. Bet you guys didn’t know that. Well, for the freaks of the world, it’s time you get a clue. All your search entries can be potentially recorded and saved. After a while, these search terms began to show up on my stats page and man, there’s some freaky, strange, weird people out there!

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Is It Ever ok to Lick and Suck Someone’s Toes off?

There comes a time in your sexually adventurous life when you come face to face with adversary and trepidation. It is when the man/woman you’re with asks you something that might make you stop dead in your tracks and go…”You wanna do what now?”


Or worse, they might do it without telling you and you’re left lying there naked and vulnerable, trying to shoo them away nicely while trying to get back to the normalcies of sex. No one wants a surprise while they are naked. And once they spring it on you, the next 45 minutes are of you thinking about how awkward of a situation it was and why couldn’t I get this out of my head.

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