A Stormy Kind of Sunday Filled With Reflection…


Ah how another Sunday has come and almost gone. Today was so chilled out. I love days like that, don’t you? No stress, catching up on some shows, doing some writing and generally being an all round easy Sunday kind of day. The weather was not so easy however. There was a miserable dreary overcast that was hovering above London. And still is, by the way. But I love those kind of days. It helps you get cosy. Where chilling in your pj’s  comes so effortlessly easy.

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Short Girl Problems…

Short girls

I am a lady of the shorter persuasion. I would like to say I am close to 5″4′ which I happen to tell people, but in reality I’m actually 5″3′. Fun times for me right? On many occasions I think, why couldn’t I have just been 5″7′. It would have solved a whole lot of problems.

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Review: 24hr SuperStay Lip Colour by Maybelline


I may be late off the train with this lipstick but that’s because I have been living under a rock for the last two years in the make-up department. What once was a stellar index in everything beauty has now been whittled away into nothing. That’s what happens when 1. you are broke and 2. you let yourself go (see number 1). I’ll stop right there because this is not about me going down memory lane, sobbing with tissues in hand. No, this is about beauty, make-up and in particular, Maybelline’s Super Stay 24hr lip colour.

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Motivation of the Day – To Dream Or To Do…


The sad thing is, up until recently, I think I would have chosen to sleep in and dream my grandiose dreams instead of getting up and chasing them. I would dream so much. It was as if I was hoping they would magically sprout into existence. I’m sure that’s probably the stupidest thing you’ve read today. But it’s true and I’m not going to lie about my idiotic ideas. I literally thought that if I envisioned my dreams, every day, they would appear in front of me as herald trumpets played in the distance. I am now pretty sure that ‘The Secret’ had something to do with all that wishing and envisioning. Damn that book (and documentary) for it’s persuasiveness!

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Before I Go To Sleep…


Every night as I prepare to fall asleep, I get plagued by the fear that my brain may not switch off. For one reason or another, it seems like I have built up an intolerance to mellowing out over the years. As soon as my head hits the pillow, my brain starts going into over-drive. And so, every night without fail, I become an angry ball of mush who’s brain is being stuffed full of convoluted mind-fuckery.

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Motivational Image…

Ah, who am I kidding guys. Today is officially back to work day for me. So instead of some positivity, which I know is the better choice, I decided to wallow in misery and annoyance. The image is more of a comfort image.

It comforts me to swear at Mondays.

Image taken from Pinterest.

Image taken from Pinterest.