Monday Motivation: Do What You Love

Do what you love quote

Hello my beautiful pandas. I hope it’s a somewhat decent Monday for you today. This morning must have been a pretty tough one, knowing most of us are still reeling from everything that’s happening around the world. So today I didn’t want to yap on about things. I simply wanted to do a tiny Motivational post.

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National Blog Posting Month

National Blog Posting Month

Well Pandas, I have decided to take part in November’s National blog posting month. It’s where bloggers sign up and write a post every single day. Personally I have no idea how I’m going to do it seeing as how the last time I wrote something was on the 25th of October. But I figured I needed a challenge to get me going. After all tomorrow is ‘Do it’ day so I’m going to start making things happen!

Wish me luck!