I’d Rather be Too Much…


What’s being ‘too much’ of something and why is it a hindrance to most people? Is caring too much a problem? To some, yes. Is laughing too much an annoyance? Again to some, yes. And why do people cut you down with the phrase ‘You’re just too much’?

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Monday Motivation… Being Comfortable.


Happy Monday my fluffy pandas! Here we are… another start, to another week. Blah! But like my previous Monday posts I shall not leave you feeling miserable. Oh no! I am here to say we are in this together! We are gonna motivate the shit out of each other whether you like it or not! Therefore this week’s essential motivational quote is about being comfortable. And of course to surround yourself with beautiful souls who bring out your comfortability to the max.

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10 Little Quotes To Help Keep Your Positivity Going….


Oh pandas… it’s another week. How did that happen already?! Since it’s Monday, it’s therefore supposed to be the restart, re-energise, re-diet, re-motivation, re-something of the week. It’s the day where most, if not all of us, use as a fresh start. Right? I know I’m not the only one. However today, for me, was pretty difficult. It was hard to stay positive. To get that hashtag Monday Motivation thing going. Lately, it seems that I haven’t been keeping my positivity pants on. I let it slip. And to be honest, once you let it slip, it’s hard to catch yourself before you fall back down to the very hard cold floor of negativity. The thing is, I try very hard every day to stay positive. It has helped with my panic attacks, my mind, my health and my emotions. So even though today was a hard day to get my body and mind moving, I did it nonetheless.

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Motivational Monday


I’m sure you’re probably wondering why in unicorn poop did I pick this motivational quote to see you off for the rest of the week. Well… I figured this time I was going to be a bit more realistic. Meaning, and forgive me for being blunt, not all your hard work will pay off. Sometimes it will and other times it won’t. You just have to work the cards you’ve been dealt. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to succeed. It just means it might take a little longer to get there. Some times there will be days where you will feel knocked down. Like they’ve taken your last breath. But hang in there. Keep pushing through it. You will eventually see that not only are you stronger than what you thought but you will know how to conquer anything.

So my dear Pandas… This week let’s all try and be the windshield.

❤ ❤ ❤

P.S.- Wishing you guys a very happy week!

Why Does Everything We Want To Do Have To Start On A Monday?

Monday Quotes

Hi my fluffy pandas. Today I’m going to yap on about why our brains have concocted this “start the new you” on Mondays thing. In fact, why do we always start new projects on a Monday? It’s really  a lie we’ve forced upon ourselves. You know, so as you can make excuses for how crap you’ve been doing lately. Because then you can simply say “oh, I’ll put my best foot forward on Monday.”

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Optimism: Think Cha Cha…


Since it’s the beginning of the week and I officially want to crawl back into my bed and die, I decided that a nice optimistic quote would do just the trick for Motivation Monday.

I know some of you are thinking phooey fiddle fuddle on optimism (I totally went Yosemite Sam just then, please tell me you know who I’m talking about?!)  but let me tell you, sometimes, it’s the only thing that keeps you moving. It’s the knowing that a ‘What If’ question might bring a ‘hell yes’ answer. It’s relying on hope to get you through and it’s the knowledge learned to accept that things may not be smooth sailing but you will prevail nonetheless.  Sure you might get knocked back once, twice, hell, even ten times. But you know that even despite these unfortunate obstacles you will get to the other side as fresh as a daisy. What does that even mean by the way? I know what it means, but why is it fresh as a daisy? Are daisies the Energizer bunnies of the plant world. Are they the Richard Simmons of photosynthesis? Okay, okay, I digress as always. But if you know, please help this panda out.

Either way, this week, we are going to be the most optimistic pandas ever. But for the love of skittles don’t go overboard with the positivity. No one wants a gushing Care Bear 24 hours a day. You will look a little cuckoo. Just know that things will always work out. Beam the optimism from the inside. It will always get you to where you need to be.

Peace, Love and Cha Cha

Your Story…

Monday motivation, inspiration

It’s as simple as that…and yup, that’s all I’m going to say. It’s all about the quote today pandas!

So go create your own story where you are the leading character! Don’t let anyone else write the plot for you.
❤ ❤ ❤