The Man Who Said He Wasn’t ‘Feeling It’…

I'm just not feeling it

Men still, to this day, perplex me. It’s a subject that I probably won’t be able to master in my lifetime. Sure, I might get close but in the end they (men) will inevitably do something to throw me for a loop. And oh, how it frustrates me so.

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We Are Just Strangers With Memories…



This one is a pretty sad quote really. Don’t you think my Pandas? But it’s a quote I can relate to so vehemently that it brings a slight glistening of wetness to my eyeball. It’s just so sad. How can you spend years with someone and then end up being strangers? Someone who once knew what the other’s most precious secrets were. Who knew you down to your very soul.

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Has Feminism and The Internet Stopped Chivalry and Wooing Dead In Its Tracks?

where have all the balls gone?

I suppose talking about men is a subject that us ladies have worn down to the bone. It’s a subject that even after discussing, chatting, crying, laughing, wondering, we still have no clue as to why men do what they do. And yet, here we are, in the 21st century still talking about fucking men and all their shenanigans. You would think we would have figured out some things by now. But oh no, we are worse off. In fact I think men are becoming ball-less. Yeah I said it! The lessening of the ball sack. The suctioning inwards of the testicles so that they have reverted so far up their canals that there is no possible hope of retrieval.  And because of this they have become more docile, tame,  and therefore less likely to pursue a lady. All I have to say is that there’s definitely no chivalry left. And furthermore I would like to add… certainly no  more wooing. You know that woo that he do with you you…. ok I’ll stop. But seriously nothing feels better than a good ol’ fashioned woo. I miss real men! Where in the hell have they gone? I’m actually starting to think that England has a serious SERIOUS problem whereupon I’m really contemplating  fucking off out of here and going back to the States. ASAP!

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People Should Come With A Guarantee…


Guys, somewhere along the line it seems that we have lost the meaning of love. We have forgotten that it takes dedication and hard work to keep a relationship going. That it really does take two. Somewhere, something happened to make our generation a bit skewed. Out of whack, so to speak.

Relationships are dropped as quickly as they started and there seems to be no sense of effort being thrown in its direction. If we simply get frustrated we find a replacement. It’s become that simple. There is nothing out there that pushes us to cherish a relationship more. And unfortunately a marriage certificate hasn’t cut it in recent years.

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Five Things That Attract Me To A Man…


It’s about time to add to my ‘Five Things’ posts. It’s where I choose a topic and write ‘Five Things’ about it in relation to me. Basically, for you guys to get to know me a little better. You can see my previous post, ‘Five Things That Always Get Me Into Trouble‘ if you want. No pressure though, if you really can’t be bothered then I will totally understand!

Ah, Men! What a huge topic in itself. Sometimes, I want to punch them in the balls, while other times, I can’t get enough of them. Each girl is different at the end of the day. So I figured this was a legitimate topic for you guys to get to know what makes me tick. In all areas of my life. Lucky you! Woop Woop! So here we go.

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The Love of Solitude…


Can I just say that after so many years of being in ridiculous relationships, floating around in an odd bubble, I have loved the last two year stint of absolute aloneness. It’s been great. No honestly! I found out what I want, who I am and where I want to go. It’s actually quite a liberating experience. And I highly recommend it! That’s why the above quote hit me like a ton of bricks. I actually wanted to write to Ms. Warsan Shire and say “You are awesome girl! You totally fucking get me!” It does feel good. I have somehow magically repaired myself through this solitude. I feel whole again. I feel like me again. Like the silly idiot who always wants to burst out laughing and loves life. And I will not be bamboozled into having some randomer come in to my life and destroy what I have built. I will only allow someone come into my world who makes me even better than I am. Someone who can aid, nurture, and  add to my silliness. Anything less would be a mockery. It would be a down right stupid choice to make. And I am sure as hell, over stupid choices.

So here’s to embracing your inner loner-self and actually loving it.

Fall In Mutual Weirdness And Call It Love…

Dr. Seuss Quote

Let’s start our week of Love off right. And what better way to start, than to talk about weirdness. Yeah you read right! I’ll have you know that Dr. Seuss was spot on with the above quote.

Weirdness takes a major precedence when finding your preferred mate o’ love. Why? Well behind closed doors is where we unleash our weirdness. Where we can be our true selves. So we need to find someone who we can be weird together.

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