A Girl’s Guide: To Surviving Sex For The First Time With Someone New

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Oh boy… This one’s a doozy isn’t it? It’s quite possibly one of the most awkward, fumbling, tumbling yet exhilarating experiences one will every go through. And unfortunately, it will probably happen each and every time you have sex with someone new. Unless however, you’re uber confident in your skills and your naked body. I however feel pity to those that befall my nakedness because it’s something that their tiny eyeballs can’t unsee.

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A Girl’s Guide: To Surviving Alcohol


I’ve been meaning to write this post since last Thursday, when I came to work hungover, but since I was feeling like one of The Walking Dead Zombies, I didn’t have much brain power. And if I’m being completely honest, I’ve been drinking since last Wednesday, which is why I haven’t written anything new lately…oops! Anyway, today is a brand new day; plus I’m ready, sober and willing.

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Learning How To Take a Compliment…

Smile and Take The Compliment

Why hello you beautiful pandas you! Today I am going to discuss compliments because dear lord, it’s looking like we’ve forgotten how to accept one graciously without throwing back something negative about us. I don’t know where we went wrong all these years, but women are finding it harder and harder to take a compliment. Well, enough is enough.

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