“Your Relationship With Yourself Sets the Tone for Every Other Relationship You Have.”

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I wrote this title about 92 96 days ago, so please forgive me, I have no clue where I first read it. However, I’ve put quotes, which indicates I did not say it. You know, just in case some Joe Shmo penalises me for plagiarism of a sentence. I did not write the title. Okay? Okay!

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You Must Be Tired of Trying to Get Everyone to Like You…

do you and stop pleasing everyone

Here’s the thing pandas, I don’t know where the majority of us got this notion that we need everyone and their cousins to like us. We are not in a beauty pageant, nor are we competing to see who can get the most people to adore and gush over our profile pictures on social media. Life’s too fucking short to waste so much time and effort in trying to maintain likeability. If you let it consume you, then you will realise that it’s a full-time job with a family and two mistress on the side. So stop stressing that some people might not like you. Surely, you’ve got to be tired by now. Aren’t you tired? I would be fucking exhausted.

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It’s Rare To Find Friends Who Actually Get You…


Friendship is super important, wouldn’t you say pandas? Ever since we worked out how to string words together to communicate, it has been a constant yearning to make friends and fit in. Friends mould you from a very young age. The early ones help you with your social skills and sharing . Whereas the older ones formed how you truly saw people. And not to mention taught you a few harsh life lessons on trust, loyalty, humility and  compassion. It took me a long time to actually realise that some of those friends that I made throughout the years, never really knew me or got me. Even the close ones. They thought they did, but they really didn’t. And once I realised that I could choose who I wanted in my life and who should be kicked to the curb, that’s when I felt like I could breathe again.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy mothers day

Today is the day we celebrate all the beautiful Mother’s here in the UK. My mom gets two celebratory days since we celebrate the US Mother’s day as well. But when in Rome, as they say. So I decided to do a little tribute to all the mamma’s out there.

Mother’s are curious creatures aren’t they? They are elusive, in the sense of not really knowing who they are as a person. We only see Momma and not the human being who does everything for us without question.

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Five Photos, Five Stories: Day Four


London is a great city. It has everything that you could possibly want and more. It’s a place where magic happens, where the lights twinkle with mischief. The hustle and bustle of the streets give me comfort at times. The sounds make me feel like I’m not so alone. And around every corner there is a new little street to explore. This photo was taken on an adventurous day out with two of my most favourite people in the world. It was a day that the three musketeers got together, to laugh, be merry, explore and eat till we were rolly pollies! These two get me. They get all my quirks, my oddball tendencies and my OCD habits. They let me be when I need to be, they console me when I need to be consoled and they laugh at my ridiculously silly jokes. Sometimes I do feel quite alone in such a big city as London. But on this day I never felt more happier, nor more alive. As they cuddled along the Thames, and stole secret kisses when they thought I wasn’t looking (my peripheral vision is stellar), I waddled along taking pictures to my hearts content. And they just stood around and let me take hundreds. Not one sigh of annoyance uttered their lips. Not one bored eye-roll. I don’t think they know this, but I loved that they did that for me. Showed enthusiasm with my obsession of photography. To almost anyone else, I would not have received such kindness. Such warmth. I really appreciated it that day. As the three musketeers pottered along the Thames I thought of how happy I was in that moment in time. How my two favourite people lit a spark of affectionate ember towards each other a few months prior. And in turn, that ember kindled the warmest of fires that is still going strong to this day. It makes me a believer when I see them. As they say, behind every photo is a story. And the story of this photo is that of friendship. A strong bond that is formed between people. It is very much like the bridge you see before you. A strength to carry the weight of many, to support, and to bridge the gap between two. And as the last photo was taken, the three musketeers waddled off together towards the twinkling lights of London.


The person who I nominate today is Dorkchops! It is completely up to you if you want to participate in this challenge. If you do, then here are the rules.

Why Only Children Are The Best People To Have In Your Life


Big up to all my brothahs and sistahs out there who are only children! Yaaasss! Give yourselves a round of applause because you are awesome. Throughout the years, for some reason, we have gotten a bad rap. Who knows where that came from. But I am here to set the record straight once and for all and tell the kind people of the world why we should be revered as the bestest buddies that a person could ever ask for. So here we go, let’s do this!

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