Sunday Vibes and Some Coconut Oil…

The many uses of Coconut oil

Guys, I have been meaning to write this post for a while but I am in the midst of a lot of changes. Work, a course that I am doing on the side and finding a new place. Phew! But I try very hard to write when I can. And Sundays, for me, seems to be the day where my creative juices start flowing. Maybe it’s to do with relaxing. Who knows. But either way I try to relax as much as I can on Sundays. And lately that involves some DIY Coconut treatments. And guys… my eyes have remained wide open ever since the very first time I tried 100% raw organic coconut oil.

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The Best Ideas, Treats & DIY’s For Valentine’s Day


Well can you believe it! Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! I know some of you may still be scrambling to find some things to do for your significant other. So… here are some cheap, cheery and fun ideas!
Enjoy! And don’t forget to click on the images so you can see all the how-to’s.

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