Learning How To Take a Compliment…

Smile and Take The Compliment

Why hello you beautiful pandas you! Today I am going to discuss compliments because dear lord, it’s looking like we’ve forgotten how to accept one graciously without throwing back something negative about us. I don’t know where we went wrong all these years, but women are finding it harder and harder to take a compliment. Well, enough is enough.

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The Little Things To Make a Place Feel Like Home…


Hello fellow Pandas!

I finally feel somewhat settled in my new place. It’s not quite complete yet but it’s starting to come together.

Like with any new place of your very own you want to have a homely feel to it. But alas I am not made of money and that money tree that I planted hasn’t produced any currency yet, so I decided to start with the little things to spruce up the place with.

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A Third Times a Charm – A Healthier Approach To Life

Eat Better Feel Better

Why hello to all my Pandas out there!

So as you know I have moved to a new place and with it came a third bout of health issues. I suppose it was a stressful time and I was yet again, letting myself go. For a long time, I have ignored my bad eating habits and it has taken three kidney infections to steer me in the right direction. That and the fact that the health care system in this country seems to think that giving me antibiotics every time without finding the root cause of a problem is the norm is just unacceptable. Frankly, I was fed up and frustrated. So I decided to change a decade worth of really bad habits all in one week. And boy what a difference it has made.

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Life is Better…


A big HELLO to all you pandas out there. I have finally finished unpacking from my move. But more importantly, I have wifi in my place! Woop Woop to surfing the net again. Ahhh….bliss.

Throughout this process I have wanted to pull out my hair in annoyance more than once. I mean the stress levels hit me hard to the point of me forgetting that this was actually a good thing in my life.

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Easter, Unpacking and No WiFi…


Firstly, Happy Easter everyone! Hope everyone is having fun finding those Easter eggs and eating some amazing food!

My Easter (Greek) is not until next Sunday. But I like to celebrate both. Who wouldn’t? Unfortunately, this was the weekend that I stupidly chose to move. Yup, super fun times. That last one was a half sarcastic statement because a part of me is super excited to say the least! But the lazy bitch who hates packing has dreaded this whole process. I don’t even know how people pack a 6 bedroom house up and then unpack it all! Blah. No thanks!

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Motivation of The Day…


When I saw this I thought, now here is a quote that makes me think about my actions. Is the effort that I put forward today going to carry on over to tomorrow? Am I striving to reach my goals?

I suppose the honest truth is, that I am taking itty bitty steps in the right direction. No, I might not be taking giant strides and accomplishing my goals in leaps and bounds . But I am, however, doing little things here and there. Yes it might take me longer but it’s a choice that I am willing to sacrifice for.

Don’t let today or any day for that matter, be a mundane one. Don’t let it be meaningless. And no matter how small a step you’re taking towards your ambitions, it’s a step! Which is the most important thing of all.


Peace, Love and Panda Happiness

People Should Come With A Guarantee…


Guys, somewhere along the line it seems that we have lost the meaning of love. We have forgotten that it takes dedication and hard work to keep a relationship going. That it really does take two. Somewhere, something happened to make our generation a bit skewed. Out of whack, so to speak.

Relationships are dropped as quickly as they started and there seems to be no sense of effort being thrown in its direction. If we simply get frustrated we find a replacement. It’s become that simple. There is nothing out there that pushes us to cherish a relationship more. And unfortunately a marriage certificate hasn’t cut it in recent years.

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Sunday Madness: Boxes, Missing Socks and The Negotiator…



Oh guys, it has been one hell of a week. Actually it has been one hell of a month but this last week was like a whirlwind of chaos and I’m feeling a little light-headed.

Who here hates moving? ME! Between getting boxes, finding a new place and throwing out old crap I have gone right passed annoyed and onto the strongest of emotions which is that of hatred. Moving is by far the least favourite thing to do in life. Ever! And I am going slightly insane. Like Jack Nicholson, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest CRAZY! And of course it has ruined my Sunday routine chill out vibe. Boo!

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Sunday Vibes and Some Coconut Oil…

The many uses of Coconut oil

Guys, I have been meaning to write this post for a while but I am in the midst of a lot of changes. Work, a course that I am doing on the side and finding a new place. Phew! But I try very hard to write when I can. And Sundays, for me, seems to be the day where my creative juices start flowing. Maybe it’s to do with relaxing. Who knows. But either way I try to relax as much as I can on Sundays. And lately that involves some DIY Coconut treatments. And guys… my eyes have remained wide open ever since the very first time I tried 100% raw organic coconut oil.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy mothers day

Today is the day we celebrate all the beautiful Mother’s here in the UK. My mom gets two celebratory days since we celebrate the US Mother’s day as well. But when in Rome, as they say. So I decided to do a little tribute to all the mamma’s out there.

Mother’s are curious creatures aren’t they? They are elusive, in the sense of not really knowing who they are as a person. We only see Momma and not the human being who does everything for us without question.

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An Open Letter To Apple, From a Girl Who Wants Some Colour Back In Her Life


Dear Apple,

Firstly I would like to say that I am a huge fan and have been with you since you first started on your journey.

My first every computer was this bad boy…


And since then I have been through all of these old school ones as well…

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Five Photos, Five Stories: Day Five

Limassol, Cyprus


So today is my last day of this photo challenge… boo! I decided to end it with something that means a great deal to me… the ocean.

The ocean soothes me. It comforts me. Sometimes I convince myself that it’s because I was born in July, that of the water signs. When I am by the sea it’s like all else ceases to exist. I concentrate only on the present. The sound of the waves slowly crashing against the sand, the smell of the sea salt in the air and the breeze lightly caressing my cheek. It’s where I go to think, reminisce, and enjoy some alone time. I can tell you, it does wonders. It really gets you in a great Zen place. Cyprus (where this picture was taken) is a beautiful place. Tourists come from afar to enjoy our beaches. Now that I live in London I do miss being away from the ocean. It used to take me only 15 minutes to get to the beach in Limassol (Cyprus). However, now I feel like I didn’t cherish those moments more. And I wish I had. But I guess I do have these photos and that’s something I suppose. Still it’s not any where near the real thing.


The last person I nominate for this challenge will be OnlyBadChi. It’s completely up to you if you want to participate. But if you do then check out the rules here. ❤

A Tribute To All The Amazing Women Out There

International Women's Day


Ladies, can I just say that we are awesome! And boy, have we come a long way. So I suppose it’s only fitting that we get a day to celebrate our awesomeness; even though I think it should be celebrated 365 days straight, year in and year out. But this isn’t about me complaining about how it’s not enough or that there is a lot more that needs to be done. No. This is a tribute about survival, strength, companionship, friendship, confidence and love.

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Giant Teddy Bear, Equals Heaven

Giant Teddy


So I was being a lazy moo moo cow today. Hey it’s Sunday after all. Although I will throw in that I did some work, and went for a stroll so I’m not a complete potato. But I am not going to lie. I did a lot of surfing on the net today. And guess what I stumbled upon! Giant teddies!! Ok, I know this isn’t ground breaking news. But I’m sharing it anyway.

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