Photo Diary – A Day In Paris

Fun Fact, I got the chance to go to Paris for the day and it was magical. I have been there before but I was a lot younger. So I couldn’t really remember too many details of that trip. Plus it was in the days of film and I have no clue where those negatives are. My photo taking skills were quite shocking back then so the photos wouldn’t really have helped me jog my memory anyway.

This time I was ready! I had my camera charged and my new iPhone in my hand. Plus I had a portable charger just in case I turned into a photo taking freak of nature. The funny thing is, that I took all these photos that you are about to see with my iPhone. I guess it was because it was so convenient for me.

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The Best Ideas, Treats & DIY’s For Valentine’s Day


Well can you believe it! Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! I know some of you may still be scrambling to find some things to do for your significant other. So… here are some cheap, cheery and fun ideas!
Enjoy! And don’t forget to click on the images so you can see all the how-to’s.

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