We Are Just Strangers With Memories…



This one is a pretty sad quote really. Don’t you think my Pandas? But it’s a quote I can relate to so vehemently that it brings a slight glistening of wetness to my eyeball. It’s just so sad. How can you spend years with someone and then end up being strangers? Someone who once knew what the other’s most precious secrets were. Who knew you down to your very soul.

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People Should Come With A Guarantee…


Guys, somewhere along the line it seems that we have lost the meaning of love. We have forgotten that it takes dedication and hard work to keep a relationship going. That it really does take two. Somewhere, something happened to make our generation a bit skewed. Out of whack, so to speak.

Relationships are dropped as quickly as they started and there seems to be no sense of effort being thrown in its direction. If we simply get frustrated we find a replacement. It’s become that simple. There is nothing out there that pushes us to cherish a relationship more. And unfortunately a marriage certificate hasn’t cut it in recent years.

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The Love of Solitude…


Can I just say that after so many years of being in ridiculous relationships, floating around in an odd bubble, I have loved the last two year stint of absolute aloneness. It’s been great. No honestly! I found out what I want, who I am and where I want to go. It’s actually quite a liberating experience. And I highly recommend it! That’s why the above quote hit me like a ton of bricks. I actually wanted to write to Ms. Warsan Shire and say “You are awesome girl! You totally fucking get me!” It does feel good. I have somehow magically repaired myself through this solitude. I feel whole again. I feel like me again. Like the silly idiot who always wants to burst out laughing and loves life. And I will not be bamboozled into having some randomer come in to my life and destroy what I have built. I will only allow someone come into my world who makes me even better than I am. Someone who can aid, nurture, and  add to my silliness. Anything less would be a mockery. It would be a down right stupid choice to make. And I am sure as hell, over stupid choices.

So here’s to embracing your inner loner-self and actually loving it.

The Unicorn and The Black Swan…



I have only ever heard stories of this mythical creature they call The Unicorn. It is whispered in huddled gatherings amongst the ladies of my generation. The oohh-ing and aahh-ing becomes ever more paramount after having several cocktails swirling and swooshing around in their system. Once the high levels of this potent elixir wrecks it’s havoc, you can safely bet that some tears of yearning are emphatically whirled about for all to see. The “Why’s?, How’s and Where’s” are sung in unison as they listen tentatively to the magical stories of years gone by. Of a time where all was right with the world, where too much choice was unheard of and social media had not yet grasped it’s claws into their unsuspecting preys, leaving bloodied bodies in it’s wake. I know, that was a bit melodramatic, but I’m just trying to paint a colourful picture for you.  And what you may ask, is all the fuss about? Well, the mythical Unicorn that these ladies have been hearing about is, The Man of Unadulterated Virtue. I gave him capital letters because of the highly important value us women have placed on this man. Apparently they used to exist and lived peacefully out in the open, preening and puffing out their chests for all the world to see, proud to be of a good hearted nature. I mean that’s insane right? But alas, their numbers have dwindled. The Unicorns who do still exist, have crept back into the deepest depths of the untamed forests, hiding due to the sheer number of women who are scouring the four corners of the earth for them; only surfacing from time to time by stories that start off with “A friend of a friend of a friend…” And ending with “…Happily ever after.”

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Becoming Jessica Fletcher



Ah, Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote. What a gal, what a phenomenal lady. I can’t tell you how many hours I would watch back to back re-runs of that show. Not only that, I must have started watching it back when I was 6-7 years old. That right there is a whole lotta years under my belt to spend with someone. So I guess you could say that Jessica and I have a pretty solid relationship; which gives me justification to say, murder mysteries are the bomb! Yes I threw in a 90’s word! That show believe it or not has taught me quite a bit in life and it’s safe to say that I carry a varied, yet reliable arsenal to deal with any situation at hand. Don’t scough when you read that, I speak only the truth!

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