People, Love and Materialism

words of wisdom

Ain’t the above so true my Pandas? I read it and was like YEAH! most people have lost sight of the important things in life. Why is that? I do know one thing though, a lot of us are starting to become collectors of things. It’s like the more we have, the more we are accepted and liked by society, or so we think. What the hell ever happened to love and being loved solely on who you are as a person? I think we look at all these “celebrities” on the cover of magazines and/or social media and for some reason people are breaking their backs trying to acquire a similar lifestyle. It’s not possible people. The average Joe does not make millions. The really sad thing is, that I know of people who wasted all their money on a high end Porsche or Ferrari, yet live in a fucking shit hole. You know why? Because they want to be on the streets showing the image of wealth off. Through their eyes, material possessions mean more. And if they knew someone who had even more, they would probably use them to acquire the same amount of things. It’s just one big greed-fest. I mean it might as well say, ‘love thy neighbour’s car’ in the ten commandments.

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Quote of The Day…

In the dark

This is so true. Don’t you guys think? I think most of us are scared of what people may conceal. It’s like going forward into the darkness not knowing what you will find. Praying and hoping that it will only ever be an empty space. The kind that brings a sigh of relief when you turn the lights on. But there are those other times… The times where even turning on the lights won’t help. And once you see the true nature of people, after the cover of night has been lifted, it’s most definitely a sudden jolt to your senses. In fact for most, it renders us into a completely paralysing state of affairs. And that right there, is scary when you never saw it in the first place. Where it was hiding in plain sight, masked by the love that you’ve shown the imposter. A person that you never truly knew.

Theme of The Week – Love – A Struggling, Abusive, Selfish Love


The sadness of this rings ever so true. At least for me. When I first read this I couldn’t help but be drawn to the words. And then my past caught up with me and engulfed my soul.  Memories of brokenness broke out of me. Sorrow of a weaker self. A diminishing of a character that once used to flourish. After reading this quote, I realised that my past of a torturous, abusive love, was indeed a war. And upon my return, was faced with changes in a person that I did not recognise.

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A little John Green Quote For All The Lovers Out There


Well isn’t that the truth! It’s such a fitting quote on love. Some may fall in a few seconds while others may take hours. But once we do fall, it’s engulfing. Like being swallowed up into an abyss. Where escape is a word that’s unknown. The blanket of comfort and the gentleness of the night sooth you. A welcomed silence of gratifying deafness. Happy to be spent in such a safe moment from here until endlessness…

Monday Morning Blues

Monday Blues

Oh gosh. Where do I even begin with this day… how it tortures me so. It starts from Sunday night where the hours seem to go by quicker. Another week of meaningless drivel. It’s ok, just smile and bear it. You can do it woman! YOU CAN DO THIS!

To all my other fellow mopers out there on this day… hang in there!

Quote of the Day – Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin


This Quote couldn’t be more poignant for me. I struggle with feeling comfortable in my own skin every day. When I truly think about all my physical flaws, it puts a downer on me mentally. So, I stopped thinking negatively. Yes, there are days where those pesky negative bastards creep into my brain. But I try very hard to push those bastards out. Because once you let them in, it’s a downward spiral of misery from there on out. At that moment, everything in your life will look awful. You will pick out more flaws.

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Quote of The Day – On Men by Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

I have been saying this for years! Turns out, Marilyn Monroe has been saying it since way before I was even born.

Women don’t want much out of a partner. I’m talking about normal, down to earth, beyond the surface type of women. The high maintenance ones need not apply. Ya’ll got too many superfluous needs that I ain’t got time for.

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