Five Photos, Five Stories: Day Five

Limassol, Cyprus


So today is my last day of this photo challenge… boo! I decided to end it with something that means a great deal to me… the ocean.

The ocean soothes me. It comforts me. Sometimes I convince myself that it’s because I was born in July, that of the water signs. When I am by the sea it’s like all else ceases to exist. I concentrate only on the present. The sound of the waves slowly crashing against the sand, the smell of the sea salt in the air and the breeze lightly caressing my cheek. It’s where I go to think, reminisce, and enjoy some alone time. I can tell you, it does wonders. It really gets you in a great Zen place. Cyprus (where this picture was taken) is a beautiful place. Tourists come from afar to enjoy our beaches. Now that I live in London I do miss being away from the ocean. It used to take me only 15 minutes to get to the beach in Limassol (Cyprus). However, now I feel like I didn’t cherish those moments more. And I wish I had. But I guess I do have these photos and that’s something I suppose. Still it’s not any where near the real thing.


The last person I nominate for this challenge will be OnlyBadChi. It’s completely up to you if you want to participate. But if you do then check out the rules here. ❤

Five Photos, Five Stories: Day Four


London is a great city. It has everything that you could possibly want and more. It’s a place where magic happens, where the lights twinkle with mischief. The hustle and bustle of the streets give me comfort at times. The sounds make me feel like I’m not so alone. And around every corner there is a new little street to explore. This photo was taken on an adventurous day out with two of my most favourite people in the world. It was a day that the three musketeers got together, to laugh, be merry, explore and eat till we were rolly pollies! These two get me. They get all my quirks, my oddball tendencies and my OCD habits. They let me be when I need to be, they console me when I need to be consoled and they laugh at my ridiculously silly jokes. Sometimes I do feel quite alone in such a big city as London. But on this day I never felt more happier, nor more alive. As they cuddled along the Thames, and stole secret kisses when they thought I wasn’t looking (my peripheral vision is stellar), I waddled along taking pictures to my hearts content. And they just stood around and let me take hundreds. Not one sigh of annoyance uttered their lips. Not one bored eye-roll. I don’t think they know this, but I loved that they did that for me. Showed enthusiasm with my obsession of photography. To almost anyone else, I would not have received such kindness. Such warmth. I really appreciated it that day. As the three musketeers pottered along the Thames I thought of how happy I was in that moment in time. How my two favourite people lit a spark of affectionate ember towards each other a few months prior. And in turn, that ember kindled the warmest of fires that is still going strong to this day. It makes me a believer when I see them. As they say, behind every photo is a story. And the story of this photo is that of friendship. A strong bond that is formed between people. It is very much like the bridge you see before you. A strength to carry the weight of many, to support, and to bridge the gap between two. And as the last photo was taken, the three musketeers waddled off together towards the twinkling lights of London.


The person who I nominate today is Dorkchops! It is completely up to you if you want to participate in this challenge. If you do, then here are the rules.

Five Photos, Five Stories: Day Three

 The Little Old Man By The Sea

The Little Old Man

I was going to do a fictional story for this photo but I opted not to in the end.

This was taken in Limassol, Cyprus about a year ago. I was there visiting my parents who I hadn’t seen in a year. In case you didn’t know, Cyprus is a tiny island in the Mediterranean quite close to Turkey. This was the place where I spent all of my high school years in. It was a drastic change for me, seeing as how I moved from New York. I was not pleased with my parents for that one. But I have now grown to hold Cyprus near to my heart. It was a place where I experienced the most important lessons in my life. And even though I experienced some sadness, it was (I suppose) all apart of molding me into the person that I was meant to be. This time round I wanted to become a tourist in my own country. I know that sounds funny but after living somewhere you tend to get used to it. Therefore you never really take in the sights. The little old man by the sea was at the end of the Limassol pier which just so happened to have a small cafe at the side of it. That day I took my mom for a drive and we decided to chill in the beautiful warm weather. As I was sipping on my Peach iced tea I saw a tiny figure at the end of the pier fishing. I decided to go down to take some photos and I noticed out of nowhere that this tiny man pulled something out of the water. It was this Octopus that you see in the photo above. Killing an octopus is no mean feat. In fact you have to have some stomach to beat it senseless. It’s actually quite barbaric. The tiny old man, slammed this poor octopus repeatedly on the wooden boards of the pier. I actually felt sorry for this creature. But apparently that is how it’s done. As he was slamming away, I took some photos. And at the end of me witnessing the whole murder, I asked the little old man if he could hold it up so I could take one last picture. I spoke to him a little bit, in Greek of course, I said thank you and returned back to the cafe.


The person who I am nominating for today is Sashaholden1. It is completely up to you if you want to take this challenge. If you choose to go along on this journey then take a look at the rules here. ❤

Five Photos, Five Stories: Day Two

 The Soundness of A Superwoman


The strength of a woman may be subtle at times. Her secrets being concealed behind her everyday demeanour. Only a hint of soundness escapes her lips when she is speaking her mind. The brushing off the strand of one hair behind the ear knowingly settles the opposing party. She commands attention in the placing of her hand on a shoulder. The softness of a whispered lovingness in another’s ear. Cooing, tempting, coaxing and sweet-talking are all in her arsenal ready and willing for them to be used at the drop of a hat if she had to. A superwoman, is not the rash, brash and abrasive loud mouth that’s standing in the centre of the room. Oh no. A superwoman is the one circling the crowd from the outskirts. Analysing and calculating eyes scanning all there is to see. She notices everything, yet will not show you until the timing is right. Until the mood has been set on her turf. On her terms. She is the epitome of power, who walks with her head held high. She is your rock when you need someone to lean on. She is your saviour when you are drowning. Her words are chosen wisely. They either pinpoint where to strike your jugular like the most skilled of assassins or they can be your defibrillator to bring you back to life. Do not test her patience. And what ever you do, do not bruise her heart. For you will see an awesome force unleashed without hesitation. Without remorse. Because a Superwoman, is a woman who knows her worth and will not let anyone show her any less than what she deserves. You should feel sorry for the poor souls that attempt to test her. To push her buttons. To treat her in an unkind manner. I can assure you, the outcome will not be in their favour.



The person who I nominate today is Saralouchip ! Hi! If you want to take part then here is the gist of what you gotta do… (Five Photos, Five Stories)

Five Photos, Five Stories: Day One

A few days ago I got challenged by Odafagerland (blog: TROCIMAL) to do the ‘Five Photos, Five Stories’ Challenge. Thank you for including me in on all this fun!

So here is the gist:
Each day I am to post a different photo for five consecutive days and attach a story (either fiction or non). Along with each photo/story I have to choose a new person each day so the challenge can carry on!
To the people that I choose… It is completely up  to you if you want to accept the challenge or not. Also don’t forget to include who nominated you in your first photo.

The Land of The Fairies

Five Photos Five Stories

I was taken aback as a magical fairy with long slender wings sat on my shoulder and started to whisper in my ear. “I know a place… A really beautiful place. Where the trees part ever so slightly to reveal the golden world. My World. The ordinaries, like you, know it only as the sun. Would you like to take a journey with me? Could you stomach an adventure? The entrance is just past those branches. You see?” I let the words of the pretty little fairy sit with me a while as I stared at the trickling light pushing its way through the small opening. Without even noticing, a tiny smile of mischief formed at the corner of my mouth. The opportunity sounded delicious. An Adventure? Yes. I think an adventure was written in the cards for me. My smile grew wider as I decided to take one step towards the light…

I nominate Jelena (blog: 100 Days of Sunshine) Girl… you up to it? ❤

Why Instagram Has Made Me A Better Photographer…

This evening I happen to be writing this post on the bus ride home. Reason being, Oxford Circus tube station was being a bit temperamental today. That is by far, the nicest way I can put it.  Because if I really showed my colourful thoughts on this tube station you wouldn’t be reading legible words, instead you would be getting different made-up combinations of swearing. Which wouldn’t be the best read for you guys now would it?

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Why We Should Always Capture Life…

Image taken from tumblr

I’ve had a love of photography ever since I could remember. It was brought on by my Dedo (grandpa) who was an avid photographer. He used to capture every event that was worth capturing. My parents on the other hand were not so photography-minded. They rarely ever took photos of me as a child, least of all videos. I think I have one VHS tape that is of me as a child. That, in my books, is horrible. All my baby pictures were taken by my Dedo. My parents have heard my complaints on the matter for my entire life and all they can do is shrug. If it wasn’t for my Dedo then I wouldn’t have much to look back on. Hence me picking up his hobby of being an avid photographer and why I think it’s extremely important to capture life. Even if it didn’t seem too relevant at the time. In the future it will become relevant. It will aid your memories of a specific day or a specific person.

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