The Weirdest Search Terms That People Use To Stumble Upon My Blog…Part 1- Pandas

Baby panda
One of the great things about WordPress, is that it gives you statistics for your blog site. It really helps seeing what works and what doesn’t, what countries people are from and how many people visit your site a day. It’s a pretty awesome tool to have.As I was looking through all the options one day I noticed a section that was labelled ‘Search Terms’. This was in the very beginning of me starting my blog, where I only had a few blog posts up at the time. Therefore no search entries had been logged. This search section was able to tell me what people had typed into google or any other search engine. It narrowed their exact search terms that they used to eventually stumble upon one of my blog links. Bet you guys didn’t know that. Well, for the freaks of the world, it’s time you get a clue. All your search entries can be potentially recorded and saved. After a while, these search terms began to show up on my stats page and man, there’s some freaky, strange, weird people out there!

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Even the Socially Inept Have Found Love…



The title is kinder than what I really wanted to say. What I really wanted to say was that even moronic, dimwitted, provincial, vinegary beasts have found love. But obviously that would have been too long.

Maybe that’s a harsh thing to say but let’s be completely honest here. You have at one time or another, thought the very same thing when looking at a couple walking down the street. You might even think, why the hell are they with that person. Or you might see on Facebook that that guy who everyone wanted to punch in the balls has in fact gone and found a girl. And what’s more is that he’s gone and proposed! I know you are thinking WTF?! How the hell did that happen? How did that idiot bag himself someone? Someone who doesn’t seem to be held under duress, no glaze forming over her eyeballs with the use of drugs, no nothing. In fact they are smiling in every photo. Now, how in God’s good graces did he let this inept human being be happy and you are sitting at home on a Friday night drinking a whole bottle of wine to yourself while going over your whole character and eventually coming to the conclusion that the world has officially gone to shit or worse that you must be one ugly fat mother fucker. Now you know how I got down on my Friday night.

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