Weekend Photo Journal: Coming up Cacti

Well… It has been a long time since I wrote a blog post. But, I promise I won’t slip up like that again. It seems that when life brings you unexpected obstacles you forget about what little joys you have. Your sole concern is to sometimes wallow in a little self-pity, with a side order of negativity. And I, dear pandas, wasn’t in the best of places, mentally or physically for that matter. Life sure does have a way of making things interesting, that’s for sure. BUT… times are a’changing folks, where the light seems a little less ominously harsh and a little more warm and welcoming. Don’t worry I will share in other upcoming posts but for now, I kinda thought I’d ease into things with a little weekend photo journaling.

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The Thing About Beauty…

Beauty and how we internalise it

Doesn’t this hit home? The discussion of beauty is a pretty extensive one. We want to be it, talk about it, love it, and conquer it. We truly are a world that reveres looks. Sometimes we are so obsessed that if we aren’t up to par with the rest, it will inevitably create even more insecurities within us. And therein lies the problem.

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Life is Better…


A big HELLO to all you pandas out there. I have finally finished unpacking from my move. But more importantly, I have wifi in my place! Woop Woop to surfing the net again. Ahhh….bliss.

Throughout this process I have wanted to pull out my hair in annoyance more than once. I mean the stress levels hit me hard to the point of me forgetting that this was actually a good thing in my life.

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A Tribute To All The Amazing Women Out There

International Women's Day


Ladies, can I just say that we are awesome! And boy, have we come a long way. So I suppose it’s only fitting that we get a day to celebrate our awesomeness; even though I think it should be celebrated 365 days straight, year in and year out. But this isn’t about me complaining about how it’s not enough or that there is a lot more that needs to be done. No. This is a tribute about survival, strength, companionship, friendship, confidence and love.

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66 Of The Best Gifs That Will Inspire and Spark a Serious Case of Wanderlust


Ok Folks, here’s where I go all gushy-gooey-mushy about how dang obsessed I am with Gifs. You guys may not see it as much on here but believe me when I say that gifs are pretty awesome. If I’m writing a post and I feel like there should be an accompaniment of an annoyed facial expression or that of some eye rolling, I quickly go to giphy.com and I find what I’m looking for. That site has everything by the way. Well, almost everything.

But then I recently joined Tumblr. Yes, I’m also on Tumblr. It’s like I’m a walking social media freak! All in the name of promoting this blog might I add. There’s a reason why people get other people to solely produce social media content for their brand. It’s no joke. The hours it takes is ridiculous. Anyway, I digress as always.

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Some Food For Thought…

When I read this quote it made me pause for a minute and I like when a quote does that. The words resonated with me.

I took two things out of these words. One, is to always look beyond the surface, whether it is in regards to people or situations. Delve deeper, pry open and connect. And two, to always do right by yourself and others no matter if people are watching or not.


What do you guys get from this? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Motivational Image…

Ah, who am I kidding guys. Today is officially back to work day for me. So instead of some positivity, which I know is the better choice, I decided to wallow in misery and annoyance. The image is more of a comfort image.

It comforts me to swear at Mondays.

Image taken from Pinterest.

Image taken from Pinterest.