Us Watching Shia LaBeouf Watching Shia LaBeouf… Wait What?

Shia LaBeouf Live

Ok pandas normally I don’t post current news but today I thought I will make an exception. Reason being? Today is the day I found out that Shia LaBeouf is being filmed at a movie theatre in New York. No, it is not for an upcoming film. It’s for I’m guessing, personal artistic purposes. In this project, we, the voyeurs, are watching him watching his movies. It’s just of his face and nothing else. There is no sound, just his movements and his facial expressions. This performance started from his most recent movies and is working backwards, whereupon he will keep watching one after another without sleeping. It’s supposed to last for 3 days.

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National Blog Posting Month

National Blog Posting Month

Well Pandas, I have decided to take part in November’s National blog posting month. It’s where bloggers sign up and write a post every single day. Personally I have no idea how I’m going to do it seeing as how the last time I wrote something was on the 25th of October. But I figured I needed a challenge to get me going. After all tomorrow is ‘Do it’ day so I’m going to start making things happen!

Wish me luck!

Word of The Day


Seeing as I’m doing a theme week that’s based entirely on love, I decided to pick a word of the day that was obviously related to the subject. So here you go guys…

The word of the day is, Redamancy: (n.) The act of loving in return…
I’m pretty sure everyone can agree on the fact that we all want to be loved in return. It’s a great word that bears a heavy weight.



P.S.- Hope you guys are liking this week’s theme! Let me know your thoughts.













Theme Of The Week – Love – Oscar Wilde and Extraordinary Love

Oscar Wilde Quote
As some of you already know, this week I’m doing a theme surrounding love and all its forms. So I’m leaving you tonight with this Oscar Wilde Quote on love.

“Never love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary.”

We should all search for that special someone who treats us as if we were extraordinary. For that is how we should all be treated. We should be touched gently and whispered to lovingly. Caressing someone down to their soul. Love should not be easily thrown away on a whim. Nor should it be spoken of lightly.

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It’s Time To Be Selfish…


I think most people who know me probably think that I am a hermit who doesn’t want to do anything any more. They see a changed person. Someone who used to be outgoing, constantly going out and was quite carefree. Nowadays I am a hermit. I don’t go out at all. Well, rarely. But there are reasons behind my actions. To the people who are supportive, they get it. To those who only see what’s on the outside and don’t really bother to get to know, they can fuck off. Yeah it’s that black and white for me nowadays.

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My Anti-Bucket List

Anti-Bucket List

Since everyone is doing a bucket list, I decided to do an Anti-Bucket list. Things that I probably won’t ever get around to doing or even want to do. So here it goes.

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Boo-ing It Up With Boo Tea


I hang my head down with embarrassment as I openly admit, I have an addiction to Holland & Barrett. Whenever I walk in there I feel like a greedy little kid in a candy store. I literally want to buy everything and when the penny sale is on, I pick up two of everything. I’m not sure if embarrassment is the correct word to use. After all I could be addicted to worse things. Instead I like to walk into Holland & Barrett and look at all the wonderful foods and supplements that they have on offer. Most days I pick up almond butter, dried cranberries, nuts and my fav, raw coconut oil. I use that for everything which I will tell you about in another post. Other days I will go in there to buy, Spirunlina (amaze-balls!) and raspberry Ketones (not quite sure about this one but I buy it nonetheless). And of course sometimes when my sweet monster rears it’s ugly head, I end up getting chocolate covered raisins for the days I want to be fat and comfy.

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