To All The Fathers Out There…

Happy Father's Day

Yup, you guessed it! That’s me up there with my Daddy. Yes I also said Daddy and furthermore I will probably say it for the rest of my life.

Today is the day that we get to celebrate all the Daddies out there. Woop Woop! Be Proud guys! You are doing a rocking job. We need to say a huge thank you to the men who have stepped up and became our rocks. Whether they were our biological fathers or not. I am referring to the men who have taken the time to be the father figure in the household. You are the one’s to which this day is all about.

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Five Things I Wish I Could Have Asked My Grandma…


Isn’t it funny that when we get older, that’s when we start to wish we had done certain things a little differently in life. I don’t mean we regret things. In fact I don’t think anyone should regret moments in their life. What I mean is, when we look back at our younger selves we wish that we could have cherished certain moments more.  Even wishing that we could have asked more questions to the people that would have made a difference in our lives.

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Wearing Granny…Human Remains as Jewellery


Yesterday an article got my full attention to the point of having to stop everything that I was doing. If you aren’t aware of what I’m about to tell you then it might just stop you in your tracks as well. Here it goes…

Apparently there’s a company in Switzerland that takes your loved ones, cremates them at a very high temperature (obviously after they’ve died) squashes them down with heavy pressure and voilà the ashes of your granny
turns into a diamond for you to wear! Can you believe that? Well, I for one could not wrap my brain cells around it.

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My Parents Failed To Advise Me Better…


Growing up can be tough especially if you are an only child. Therefore it is vital that you get the best advice out there. In the time before the phrase ‘google it’ was invented advice fell solely at the mercy of your parents. You had to close your eyes and pray that what they told you was sound enough to get you through the toughest formative years of your life. Unfortunately, in my case, my parents were most definitely not doing their job properly. And I found myself in situations that I was not equipt to handle because my parents failed to advise me better.

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