About Me

Welcome to The Lone Panda. A place where I talk about motivation, inspiration, life, love, singledom, dating, sex and staying positive. I write so I can connect. I want to connect so we can create this Panda nation of self-confident, strong, independent individuals who won’t take shit from anyone. I’ve notice that a lot of people are pretty harsh on themselves and if I can share my insecurities (in a sarcastic, humorous way) then hopefully people will know that they are not alone.

Here’s a little more of an inside scoop on me:

I’m a Greek-American living in London. My parents live in Cyprus, which is a little Island in the Mediterranean, close to Turkey. I’m an only child who likes being a loner a little too much. Oh and I’m a big fan of red wine…. I don’t know why that’s relevant but decided to throw it in here nevertheless.


P.S- A big thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me and my blog. I hope you enjoy it. Who knows, maybe one day you will warm to me like a soft comfy blanket. And please always feel free to comment, chat and disagree with the crap that I say. ❤

Here’s some photos of me…In case you were worried that I was a fictitious weird Panda Lady. (I’m still weird, but at least I look somewhat normal looking! 😉 )


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You’re so beautiful! so cheerful !! so inspiring!! that’s what every girl must do
    I followed your two blogs!! and I’m loving this one 🙂 !!!! You’re awesome !!
    Keep it up ❤
    Much love ❤

  2. Hi! I’m Devon andI love art. Especially street art, I make my own stencils from paper, card stock, and an exacto knife (if you were wondering lol) I’m a homeschooled freshman and I’m American but I live in El Salvador. I’m probably over sharing but I just wanted to say I love your blog, ( and the unicorn stencil)

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