Just Own Your Bad Decisions and Move On…

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Happy Friday Pandas!

Can you believe it’s only two more weeks to Christmas?! I mean where has this year gone? Mentally I have started shutting down knowing that I have exactly 13 days until I go back home to see my parents in Cyprus. Whoop whoop! Anyways, enough with the pleasantries. This post is not about me going back home, but about bad decisions.

Since it’s officially Friday I started thinking about all the ridiculous shenanigans that I’ve gotten myself into throughout the years. I mean there have been some major doozies. Some of which my friends don’t even know. Well, what can I say? Sometimes I let go, and when I do, I go with the flow and do stupid things. The day after I cringe, shaking my head violently as if hoping to extract the awful memories from my brain. And when I eventually tell a friend they are either shocked or a little disgusted. To be honest, you can read it on their faces quite easily. So I haven’t really divulged all my secrets. What’s the point really. I don’t want to feel less human just because what I do may be a little crazier than most. Lately, however, I have been a lonely hermit which has to do with lack of money and the fact that I, at the moment, am stuck in a rut. Well, that and the fact that I am enjoying my loneliness at the moment. So tonight, despite it being a Friday, it will be a mellow one for me. However, if you guys decide to go out then I just wanted to say…. have a great time. Go out and do something different. Go on an adventure. Say yes to something that you normally wouldn’t. Don’t be the same old boring you. Let go for one evening even if the results turn out to be really bad decisions. Yes, throughout your life you will make some pretty stupid, very bad decisions. But don’t cringe like I used to do. The only reason that happens is because of what society and your friends deem acceptable. You are not a perfect human being. Your friends are not perfect human beings. In fact, none of us are! So don’t let anyone make you feel worse about your actions. Life is for living, isn’t it? Well take your bad decisions, own them and move on. That’s it.

Through the years I have been shamed by my actions, which resulted in me apologising for things that did not need an apology. It’s resulted in me backing away from people. It’s resulted in embarrassment. Well, I say, enough is enough. We will all do some questionable things throughout our lives. Just go with it and don’t regret anything. Because who wants to be stuck in the same boring routine where you’re trying so hard to be perfect all the time. That’s not a carefree life. So make your mistakes, dust yourself off, learn from them and move on.

With that being said my fluffy pandas, have a magical weekend that’s hopefully filled with laughter, adventure and NO regrets! As for me… I will be loving life like this tonight…

Friday Night quote staying in

❤ ❤ ❤

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