The 40 Odd Things That I’m Thankful For….


Pandas, since today’s Thanksgiving I figured it would only be fitting to say what I’m thankful for instead of just eating all day long. So here it goes…

  1. The Internet – This should not need an explanation.
  2. Online Shopping – Because not all of us want to try on clothes in a confined space with harsh lighting and an amusement park wonky mirror. They totally emphasise things that you never knew even existed. And once you’ve noticed it, you will cry, not want to carry on living and break the mirror. Which will result in an arrest for damaged property and a court mandated class in public etiquette.
  3. Scholl’s Party Feet – These have saved the day more than once.
  4. Amazon Prime – Umm…. all you can watch programmes and free next day delivery, that’s why!
  5. Toilet Paper – I don’t even want to imagine life without it.
  6. Fluffy socks and an even fluffier Duvet – For those nights you stay in and cuddle under the covers while watching your favourite show.
  7. Anything Free
  8. Open Bar – Let’s be honest the only way I’m getting drunk in this expensive town is if there’s an open bar.
  9. Money that you find in unexpected places
  10. Puppy videos
  11. Living on my own
  12. That my Mom and Dad aren’t on Facebook
  13. When you find out someone’s really funny and can make you laugh
  14. My noise cancelling headphones – because those screaming kids will not power down.
  15. When all the traffic lights work in my favour.
  16. Pandas – they make my soul beam with joy.
  17. coconut oil – best thing ever!
  18. Pyjamas
  19. That feeling you get when great food hits you the right way.
  20. Being weird and geeky.
  21. Nail polish
  22. When I take a photo and there’s no need to edit it. (Rarely happens nowadays but I’m thankful that it does occur on occasions.)
  23. Speaking of editing- Editing apps. Those bad boys are whassup!
  24. Journals- because not even I can say the truth all the time. So you need to write your dilemmas down or you might go crazy.
  25. For the block button on all social media apps
  26. When no one else is in a public toilet… Absolute heaven!
  27. When you get offered the last piece of food.
  28. Bobby pins- because one time I fixed a pair of sandals on a night out with two Bobby pins. I’m being dead serious! MacGyver style!
  29. Makeup- this one should have been higher on my list.
  30. Great hair days
  31. Old couples holding hands
  32. Old couples in general
  33. Exercise DVD’s- because we all know working out in a gym would be my worst nightmare. Reason being it makes me feel like I’m not thin enough to work out there. So to keep my sanity I work out at home or go for a run.
  34. Adidas shell-tops
  35. Pasta
  36. Stretchy Jeans
  37. Stretchy material in general
  38. Netflix
  39. Feta Cheese
  40. And here’s one conventional one- I’m most thankful for my parents. They have supported me through thick and thin. Even when they might not have understood my choices, they were there. All I can say is, I’m so thankful that I have them in my life.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

❤ ❤ ❤

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