Happy Friday Pandas

Happy Friday... Friday feelingI know some of you are freaking out because today happens to be the 13th which also happens to fall on a Friday. Yikes, Friday the 13th! To most of you out there it’s considered the worst day ever. I mean the worst day since the beginning of time. But I think we need to stop putting so much stock into these things.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You probably want to say to me that Friday the 13th is real because something jinxed you today. Well, have you ever taken a step back and thought that it might be because you were talking about this dreaded day. And because of all that yapping, you were in fact bringing bad joojoos upon yourself. It’s like when you think negatively, negative things start happening. You are pre-empting an awful day. So stop doing it. Today is just any other day. But most importantly it’s the day that kicks off the weekend. And beside, did you know that in my Greek culture Friday the 13th is not considered a day of bad luck? In fact, we consider Tuesday the 13th a really bad joojoo day!

Therefore, today will be the start of a great weekend for all you pandas out there. You will go on adventures and make the most out of what you’ve got. Go to a market, get some fresh flowers, take some amazing pictures, laugh with friends, cuddle up at home and read a great book. Go on a mini-break somewhere you’ve never been to before. Go clubbing and chat/dance with someone that catches your eye. Do something spontaneous. Whatever you do, just be sure it will make you happy. Look to this weekend as an alternate universe where everything you do will be great!

And for goodness sake… stop with all this Friday the 13th hooey!

As for me I will be doing this….

drinking quote

 ❤ ❤ ❤

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