Why Does Everything We Want To Do Have To Start On A Monday?

Monday Quotes

Hi my fluffy pandas. Today I’m going to yap on about why our brains have concocted this “start the new you” on Mondays thing. In fact, why do we always start new projects on a Monday? It’s really  a lie we’ve forced upon ourselves. You know, so as you can make excuses for how crap you’ve been doing lately. Because then you can simply say “oh, I’ll put my best foot forward on Monday.”

Like the quote says, ‘Mondays are for fresh starts’. But who invented this? I understand that it’s the most logical day to start your new changes, since it’s at the beginning of the week. But surely, aren’t we just procrastinating things a bit by doing this? All I know is, if I was truly willing to change my life around, I wouldn’t wait for Monday. I would start that day, or by the next day at the latest. Simple as.

Just so you know, I am the biggest “start on Monday” person you will ever meet. I say it every week; up until Sunday night. In fact, I say it so much I practically believe it. It’s like I am convinced that by saying it I will right all the wrongs that I did the week before. Or maybe I say it so I can feel better about myself?  All I know is, I’ve been going nuts with that phrase for the past several months.

My biggest lie is that I will start running and exercising on Monday. If I mess up that week, I say it’s ok I will start the following Monday. You see, it’s a vicious cycle. Somehow in my messed up cranial cavity I have managed to kidnap my logical/ realistic brain cells and replace them with the denial ones.

I could post more you know. There’s thousands of images like these on the wonderful web.

I also use Monday’s for the day I start writing, sketching, taking more photos,  a new class, sign up to the gym again, stop alcohol, go on those dating apps again, stop eating feta cheese and dairy products in general, go to sleep early and any other thing I decide befits a Monday starting point.

At least this Monday I did start exercising again. But the real question is, will I keep it up? I suppose that’s my biggest problem.  Sticking with something until I see results. If I don’t see a quick turn around I get frustrated and then lose all hope for a better me. A bit over the top, I know. Oh, what an odd human I’ve turned out to be. Anyway, I will save that rant for another day. Possibly for a Tuesday.


2 thoughts on “Why Does Everything We Want To Do Have To Start On A Monday?

    • I’m so envious that you can do that! Good on you! It’s really hard for me to have any sort of will power! I’m working at it every day though! So I still have some hope. x

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