Let’s Spread More Kindness….

Kindness quotePandas this will be a quick one. But I just wanted to say that today’s theme is about kindness. Let’s all start doing acts of kindness. Tiny, big, medium, you pick it and stick with it. This world needs more happiness, laughter and love. If each one of us could do something, just imagine how much kindness we could spread around.

If someone needs help or is struggling, assist them. Give up your seat on the subway. Let the older lady cut the line at the store. Pick up the dropped cane that belongs to an elderly gentleman. Make sure the little kids get to their destination safe. Don’t rat out a sibling. Give your food to the next homeless person you see. Listen to your friend when she is crying. Be present in every situation. What ever you do, just do something.

Love always,
your Panda ❤




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