This Week’s Motivation: Stop Obsessing About Your Flaws

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Man oh man are we tough on ourselves. We can look in the mirror and spot 10 flaws jumping out at us. Then we can internalise it and think of probably 10 more without even batting an eyelash. We are harsh, cruel and unloving towards ourselves. Why is that? Why are we so judgemental on our own well being? It’s mind-boggling. I know society has placed a heavy burden on us with unreal expectations. But aren’t we strong enough to know that those celebrities have an entourage and a bucket-load of money dedicated to making them look like goddesses? I guess all those images do take a toll on us.

I am the queen of picking out all my flaws and in turn analysing every single one of them. But I have realised it adds even more stress to your already hectic life. And who the hell wants more stress? I don’t. I already suffer from panic attacks that have recently manifested from fairy land. So to stop me from going completely bonkers I have taken to the battlefield. And the land that I am trying to conquer is my sanity. To do that I must first love me and all of me. I tell ya pandas, it’s pretty hard. But I am determined.

So this week, let’s not pick on ourselves too much. Look in the mirror, pick out a flaw and say, ‘you know what, that makes me, me! That makes me unique.’ You got that pandas! Who the hell wants to be like everyone else anyway? It would be such a boring world if we all looked the same. It’s the flaws, internal and external, that makes us interesting.  We have to embrace every last one of them.

Make this week the love yourself week. Remember to do little affirmations every day. And slowly you will see that it will become second nature. One less stress block off your wall. Bam!

Peace, Love and Serenity

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