You Must Be Tired of Trying to Get Everyone to Like You…

do you and stop pleasing everyone

Here’s the thing pandas, I don’t know where the majority of us got this notion that we need everyone and their cousins to like us. We are not in a beauty pageant, nor are we competing to see who can get the most people to adore and gush over our profile pictures on social media. Life’s too fucking short to waste so much time and effort in trying to maintain likeability. If you let it consume you, then you will realise that it’s a full-time job with a family and two mistress on the side. So stop stressing that some people might not like you. Surely, you’ve got to be tired by now. Aren’t you tired? I would be fucking exhausted.

But here’s the more serious, real issue. If you’re busy trying to appeal to all human beings, doesn’t that mean that you’re altering your personality? Your true self? Because even though a personality has many facets, it does not hold every characteristic known to man. Therefore, would you alter your personal opinion when it contradicts with those that you’re trying to befriend? If the answer is yes, then you need to stop and go “oh,oh… Something’s seriously wrong with me.”

It took me a really long time to get over why some people didn’t understand or like me. But now, to be perfectly honest, I don’t care… at all. And can I just say…. This must be what heaven feels like.

If people can’t understand/accept/tolerate the following then they can simply keep moving:

  1. Accept that I have my own opinion
  2. Understand that I may not say yes all the time to appease you
  3. Know that I will not tolerate bullying
  4. Sometimes I don’t want to talk
  5. If you yap about yourself 24/7 you will be erased, Arnold Schwarzenegger style.
  6. No I don’t want to listen to your vegan opinions about life. I like fucking meat and I’m obsessed with Feta cheese, so get over it.
  7. Know that if you shove your relationship in my face I will vomit on both of you.
  8. I like swearing… a lot. I’m like a sailor whose on shore leave who got so drunk he can’t even remember his momma’s name. I will not change.
  9. Speaking of change… I won’t do it to make you feel happier. I will only do it, if it makes me happier and a better person.
  10. If you come at me with a snide remark, you will get confronted.
  11. I don’t like Westerns.
  12. I would probably be one of those freaks that marries a panda because I love them so much.
  13. Please don’t talk about your hair, nails, or clothes all day long. I will cut you with your nails, while strangling you with your hair and lastly tie you up to some tree by all your clothes. There’s so much more to life than materialistic crap.
  14. I am entitled to voice my thoughts on any subject.
  15. Everyone should be treated as equal.
  16. I advocate to abolish all dating apps.
  17. Meaningful conversations feed my soul.
  18. Love has lost all meaning in the modern world

Now just because I hate westerns and you love them, doesn’t mean we are going to be sworn enemies for life. You see that’s the real beauty of human beings. Prepare to have your minds blasted. We get to know each other by trying to find a common bond. A thread that intertwines us. The beauty is, to disagree and debate with one another. The beauty is to accept someone for who they are and not what they look like. That’s, it. You may not like any of the things that I’ve listed. And that’s ok. You aren’t meant to like everything. That’s what makes you, you. But you are meant not to judge and at least acknowledge the fact that we will be different. Because at the end of the day, it’s our differences that makes us unique and interesting. 

So stop worrying about everyone else. If people are open to your likes and dislikes then all is good in the world. If they aren’t, then move on. Let’s all just accept everyone even though we may have differences. The awesome thing is that it makes us not be the same old boring piece of toast. And besides, who wants to be an army of old, brittle, boring, pieces of toast?

Peace, love and Tolerance 

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