The Little Things To Make a Place Feel Like Home…


Hello fellow Pandas!

I finally feel somewhat settled in my new place. It’s not quite complete yet but it’s starting to come together.

Like with any new place of your very own you want to have a homely feel to it. But alas I am not made of money and that money tree that I planted hasn’t produced any currency yet, so I decided to start with the little things to spruce up the place with.

Even though it’s a tiny habitat, it’s still all mine and that’s what makes me feel all giddy inside. If I were to redo some things in life I think I would have loved interior decorating. Oh, that, and creating fabulous shoes. I still have sketches of what my shoe line would look like. Ahhh…. okay, I digress.

Decorating is so much fun. A cushion here and a throw there could make all the difference. I just wanted a place that felt inviting and cosy.

So here are the little bits and pieces…
(Don’t forget to scroll over the images or click to enlarge)

This is just a tiny sample of the bits and pieces that I got. To be honest I wanted to photograph a few more things but I just didn’t have the time, so please don’t kill me my cuddly little pandas.

All in all the place is coming together and I’m very proud that I have a place that I can officially call my home. My cosy place away from the chaos. My little nook. To be honest, I am finally feeling happy. And let me tell you, it has been a long time coming…

So let’s all do a big ol’ WOOP WOOP to the little things in life.

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