A Third Times a Charm – A Healthier Approach To Life

Eat Better Feel Better

Why hello to all my Pandas out there!

So as you know I have moved to a new place and with it came a third bout of health issues. I suppose it was a stressful time and I was yet again, letting myself go. For a long time, I have ignored my bad eating habits and it has taken three kidney infections to steer me in the right direction. That and the fact that the health care system in this country seems to think that giving me antibiotics every time without finding the root cause of a problem is the norm is just unacceptable. Frankly, I was fed up and frustrated. So I decided to change a decade worth of really bad habits all in one week. And boy what a difference it has made.

Firstly I think that I should confess that I love pizza. I am obsessed with pasta and a night in, heating big double chocolate chip cookies in the oven just enough to get them all gooey is a night well worth spent in my books. Does that make me a sad loser, well yes. But did it make me a content with life loser, well yes, yes it did. At work, I used to get chilli cheese fries and burgers and rich foods like I was celebrating my birthday EVERY DAY. And me thinks all this crap, no matter how heavenly it actually is, has taken a toll. My body was telling me for the third time, to stop doing what I was doing.

Secondly I should say that I am an avid reader, therefore from time to time I like to peruse the local book store. On my latest stroll into literary heaven I stumbled across  a book that I found really interesting which is showcased in the above photo. And like all imbeciles who see signs and believe in fate, I took this as one of those signs. As I flipped through “Heeling Foods” I knew that this was the book that would help me on my journey to a healthier lifestyle.

This book is absolutely fantastic and I can’t recommend it enough. It starts with going through ‘Foods That Heal’ where it lists fruits and vegetables and what they actually do to help your body. Let’s take a look at the two pictures below.

Healthy eating healthy living healthy eating healthy living

At the top it tells you what it’s actually good for, then it tells you how to get the best from it and how you can actually use it. So for coconuts, it says that it fights bacteria, viruses and fungi. It also enhances metabolism, provides energy for the brain and increases “healthy” (HDL) cholesterol. It then goes into more detail on each one.

After going through all the fruits and vegetables individually, it then goes through nuts, oils, pulses, seeds and sprouts, medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, rice, meat, oats, spices and oily fish.

medicinal herbs healthy eating well being

Then after all of that it starts with recipes that heal…

Recipes that heal

It gives you ‘A Day of..’ recipe suggestions for a full day of healthy eating (as you can see in the photo below). It goes through ‘A Day of… Good digestion, Liver health, Skin health, Boosted energy, Stress relief, Men’s health, Women’s health and so on.

a day of heart health

It then goes on to give you a recipe chooser. If you are having issues with heart and circulation it gives you breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack suggestions. Immune support and energy boost are just some of the other categories that you can choose from.

Healthy recipes

And if all that isn’t good enough it then goes through each recipe individually so you can recreate a healthy day of blissful energy boosting happiness.

Of course to top everything off, it’s got some amazingly healthy sweets too! YUM!

Healthy desserts

Now that I have this arsenal handy, eating healthier has become easier. It gives me a boost knowing all this info. And to be honest I have no will power. So the more knowledge I have in that lump I call a brain, the stronger I become to fight all these bad habits that I have created all those years ago.

I tell you one thing my little pandas, being healthy is a lifestyle. You can’t be a part-time healthy person. It just doesn’t work. You either have to fully commit to it wholeheartedly or forget it. But I do think that once you truly commit, it turns out to be such an eye opener.

So I am turning a new leaf and embracing healthy. It ain’t no pizza but the question is, do I want to live a long happy life? Yes, yes I do. Therefore I need to make some changes as of right now.

7 thoughts on “A Third Times a Charm – A Healthier Approach To Life

  1. Hello,
    I just stumbled upon your blog and I just had to comment! I am so happy you have decided on turning over a new leaf in your lifestyle. I myself had to deal with an autoimmune disorder last year and my diet was the only thing that truly worked for me. I went Paleo/Whole 30 for a year and boy did it make a change! Food truly is healing and I wish you the best of luck!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! And I couldn’t agree more. I now see that food, if used correctly, can enhance your life in a great way. Sorry to hear that you went through that and I hope you are 100% better now. Wishing you all the best as well!

  2. This books looks incredible, it’s so hard to know if youre making the right choices when pursing a healthy diet this would make that a whole lot easier! Glad you’re feeling better, it really is amazing how different our bodies are once they’re being given the right fuel!

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