Easter, Unpacking and No WiFi…


Firstly, Happy Easter everyone! Hope everyone is having fun finding those Easter eggs and eating some amazing food!

My Easter (Greek) is not until next Sunday. But I like to celebrate both. Who wouldn’t? Unfortunately, this was the weekend that I stupidly chose to move. Yup, super fun times. That last one was a half sarcastic statement because a part of me is super excited to say the least! But the lazy bitch who hates packing has dreaded this whole process. I don’t even know how people pack a 6 bedroom house up and then unpack it all! Blah. No thanks!

But on a positive note, I have officially moved in! Woop woop! Guys, I feel elated. All I’m waiting for is my furniture to arrive, which will be on Tuesday and of course my internet. The latter has been a hard thing to adjust to, by the way. No internet means no communication. No communication means no connecting. And man it sucks! Currently I am writing this post through my iPhone WordPress app. (Side note: it’s kinda awesome) But only using my thumbs to type has slowed me way down. Which makes me not enjoy writing a post as much as I normally do. And furthermore, autocorrect can go suck on some balls to be quite frank!

So apart from one major hiccup that will see me lonely until the 9th, everything else has gone by smoothly. I officially can’t wait to start creating a little comfy nook, that I can escape to, that’s all for me.


P.S.- I finally found a place that comes with a decent sized balcony! (Photo above)

P.P.S.- I bought a patio set (table and two chairs from IKEA) and four cute kilner jars with handles (they look like mason jars)  and the prettiest paper straws known to man. All of which I will be taking pictures of to show you! I suppose I envisioned myself sitting outside sipping on iced cold pink lemonade and fanning myself while saying “oh I do declare…this is absolutely divine darlin…”

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