Motivation of The Day…


When I saw this I thought, now here is a quote that makes me think about my actions. Is the effort that I put forward today going to carry on over to tomorrow? Am I striving to reach my goals?

I suppose the honest truth is, that I am taking itty bitty steps in the right direction. No, I might not be taking giant strides and accomplishing my goals in leaps and bounds . But I am, however, doing little things here and there. Yes it might take me longer but it’s a choice that I am willing to sacrifice for.

Don’t let today or any day for that matter, be a mundane one. Don’t let it be meaningless. And no matter how small a step you’re taking towards your ambitions, it’s a step! Which is the most important thing of all.


Peace, Love and Panda Happiness

16 thoughts on “Motivation of The Day…

    • Yeah I definitely need a reminder every so often! A tattoo is not a bad idea! (I have 4 already so any excuse to get one really! Lol) Maybe like a short phrase though… Like “With every step…”

      • I love the idea of “with every step”. hhhmmm maybe???
        I only have one “We’re all mad here” when I look at it, it makes me think, “don’t worry nobody knows what they’re doing.” What tattoos have you got?

    • Awww thanks Hun!! I’m good! I have been packing and moving! And my internet won’t kick in until the 9th. So I haven’t been able to write posts. But I did try today using the WordPress app. Hope you’re good? Xx

  1. Well said, Ali! When I first learned to play the guitar, I would get frustrated with setbacks. But, my instructor would ask “Are you further along than you were 6 months ago?” The answer was always “yes.” Day to day. Week to week. It varies. But if you can look back 6 months or a year, you will probably be able to see clearly what you have accomplished. Keep up the great work on your blog!

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