Happy Mother’s Day

Happy mothers day

Today is the day we celebrate all the beautiful Mother’s here in the UK. My mom gets two celebratory days since we celebrate the US Mother’s day as well. But when in Rome, as they say. So I decided to do a little tribute to all the mamma’s out there.

Mother’s are curious creatures aren’t they? They are elusive, in the sense of not really knowing who they are as a person. We only see Momma and not the human being who does everything for us without question.

When I was younger I saw my mom as a person I couldn’t get close to. As an authoritative figure that was put on this earth to make my life a miserable torturous affair. I am pretty sure there were days where she wanted to give up on me. Days where I tested her patience. Days where she wished she could have beaten me senseless. Days where she cried quietly in her room. Days where she just didn’t know what the right move should be or how to handle my rebellious ways. Yet throughout all these times, I never once remember a time where I caught her being vulnerable. Where I saw a tear escape slyly down her cheek. To me, she always appeared strong, tough, strict and loving. And although I never appreciated half of the things that she did for me back in the day. I do appreciate everything whole heartedly now.

My mom’s disciplinary tactics was not to ground me or put me in time out. Her method was that of the spoken word, that was constantly put on repeat. Like that of a broken record. I believe that’s what the definition of nagging is! She nagged. She nagged so much that I dreaded the times where the shit would hit the fan. So I got creative with hiding my rebellious ways, all to avoid her torturous nagging. I would have preferred getting grounded for all of high school than listening to the constant droning screams of my mom on a nagging rampage. My god, my mom could talk for the whole world. And she wouldn’t just point out the things that I messed up on at that time. Oh no! She would remember other instances of my naughty behaviour and throw that into the current nagging session. I am pretty sure she got it from my grandma who was also a nagger. And when both of them got together it was my idea of hell. It makes me actually smile right now thinking about how annoying I was to her. But I know now that she did that to drum it into my head that I need to be a good person. A person with manners, who cared for others, who always should strive for the best that I can be. She did it because she loved me. She did it because her mother taught her to strive to be a good person and she wanted to pass on her lessons down to me.

Now that I am older, she has stopped the nagging. And in fact, she has turned out to be my confidant, my friend. I never thought I would see this day but somewhere along the line she has become this person that listens, gives advice and is my cheerleader. I would never change my momma for any other momma. If it wasn’t for her than I don’t know where I would be in life. Honestly. In fact it was both my Grandma and my mother who have impacted my life greatly. My grandma was the softer version of my mother. She taught me the traditions. How to make her famous bread, how to sew, how to sit with my legs crossed (I was a tomboy) and that I needed to brush my hair 100 times a day to make it beautiful and shiny. My mom was there to teach me that education was important, that reading would make you knowledgeable, that people might not have your best intentions at heart, and that boys were out of the question. These two women grew up in the old tradition of being the woman behind the man. Of being in the shadows. Yet were secretly the strength that actually kept the wheels of the family machine moving. Their job is a thankless one and the toughest job known to man. And they both did it because family was their life, their first love. They did it because they were mothers.

My mom's wedding day

My Mom and my Grandma

My dear lovely mothers, you are the ones who make the world keep turning. You are the glue that holds down the family when times are tough. You hold us in your arms and make us feel safe. You nurture our minds and spirits with love, knowledge and strength. You, only know what the true meaning of unconditional love is. A love that has no judgement, resentment, or jealousy. It is the purest form of love. A love that I have come to cherish more than life itself.

So here is to all the momma’s out there. Whether you are a novice, just starting out on a new adventure or the more wiser of the bunch who know all the secrets there is to know, I wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day.

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