An Ever-evolving Entity In An Ever-Changing City…

Guys, on the way home from work this evening I felt a really strong sensation of being alone. It’s a strange concept really once you start thinking about it. How could one person feel so alone in a city full of people? Well, all I can say is… it’s really easy.

My bus journeys have become my peace and quiet time, to and from work. I get a little over an hour just to think and mellow out. But tonight I started to think that this routine was getting tiring. I’m not talking about my actually journey. I’m talking about my life routine. Work, eat, sleep and repeat. Day in and day out. And tonight I was in a very reflecting mood. I thought about where I was just 3 years ago and boy, I have changed some things in my life. I moved to a different country. I started a new life. For me, my mission in the beginning was simple. To get out of my previous situation. And I had accomplished that. So, in that respect I am super proud of myself. But through the midst of all this, I became stuck in a routine, losing sight of my real aspirations. I guess sometimes you don’t even notice how fast time goes by. And once it hits you, a sharp pang of panic erupts in your chest because you know that you have veered off course slightly. However, even though I felt this, I knew that there were positive notes to take from it.

Tonight I realised that yes, I was alone, but I’m in a good place. And even though this city is a big ol’ whirlwind of a lonely ride, it was like me. An ever-evolving, ever-changing entity. And suddenly just like that nothing seemed so sad any more. I know that things take time. That life is a constant process of trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. If you aren’t constantly evolving to make yourself and your life better then you will be in a stagnant state of affairs. And no one wants to stay still throughout time. Unless of course you are kissing a lover and staring longingly in their eyes, then and only then do you want time to stand still. But everything else needs to keep moving and keep changing.

I am by no means saying, change your character. All I’m saying is to keep evolving and make it better. Improve on things. Let yourself grow. Be the best that you can be.

So I guess me and London just became friends. It only took three years. But I got there in the end.

(The video was shot on my iPhone using the Cinematic App, Song by: Alabama Shakes “I Ain’t The Same”)

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