Five Photos, Five Stories: Day Two

 The Soundness of A Superwoman


The strength of a woman may be subtle at times. Her secrets being concealed behind her everyday demeanour. Only a hint of soundness escapes her lips when she is speaking her mind. The brushing off the strand of one hair behind the ear knowingly settles the opposing party. She commands attention in the placing of her hand on a shoulder. The softness of a whispered lovingness in another’s ear. Cooing, tempting, coaxing and sweet-talking are all in her arsenal ready and willing for them to be used at the drop of a hat if she had to. A superwoman, is not the rash, brash and abrasive loud mouth that’s standing in the centre of the room. Oh no. A superwoman is the one circling the crowd from the outskirts. Analysing and calculating eyes scanning all there is to see. She notices everything, yet will not show you until the timing is right. Until the mood has been set on her turf. On her terms. She is the epitome of power, who walks with her head held high. She is your rock when you need someone to lean on. She is your saviour when you are drowning. Her words are chosen wisely. They either pinpoint where to strike your jugular like the most skilled of assassins or they can be your defibrillator to bring you back to life. Do not test her patience. And what ever you do, do not bruise her heart. For you will see an awesome force unleashed without hesitation. Without remorse. Because a Superwoman, is a woman who knows her worth and will not let anyone show her any less than what she deserves. You should feel sorry for the poor souls that attempt to test her. To push her buttons. To treat her in an unkind manner. I can assure you, the outcome will not be in their favour.



The person who I nominate today is Saralouchip ! Hi! If you want to take part then here is the gist of what you gotta do… (Five Photos, Five Stories)

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