Why Only Children Are The Best People To Have In Your Life


Big up to all my brothahs and sistahs out there who are only children! Yaaasss! Give yourselves a round of applause because you are awesome. Throughout the years, for some reason, we have gotten a bad rap. Who knows where that came from. But I am here to set the record straight once and for all and tell the kind people of the world why we should be revered as the bestest buddies that a person could ever ask for. So here we go, let’s do this!

  • We will never be a clingy, in your face, all day every day kind of pal. Oh no! We will give people their space. And that’s because we also like space.
  • We will always say yes to you when you want to hang out, granted if money is in the bank and we are not in one of our cosy hermit modes. Reason being, we like company. Not only will we be supportive, but we will be your wacky friend that talks to everyone. So consider us the best wing “man” you could ever ask for. Think of us as the person who always wants to meet new people and have fun.
  • We are very independent souls. We know what we want, when we want it, and who we want to be. So we probably know everything there is to know about getting things done and who to call to get those things done right. We didn’t have anyone around us for support or help so we learned everything there was to know about anything. Think of us as an encyclopaedia of knowledge.
  • We will amuse you like no other pal around. After spending all our play time alone when we were children, we can get amused at the drop of a hat.
  • We won’t want praise or look for attention because we’ve already had all that while we were growing up. Let’s face it, we got all the undivided attention from our parents for many, many years and we are probably pretty sick of it by now. I know I am. So I always try and be positive for my buddies. Sprinkling praise and love around like a good little friend fairy should.
  • Contrary to what you’ve been told, we are actually great sharers. I think that’s because we wanted friends to play with us back in the day. So if you need to borrow anything then we are the pal to ask. We are the giver of gifts, so to speak.
  • Listening is our forte. So if you need a shoulder to cry on then turn to us. We were our own shoulder to cry on and we know how it feels to be alone. So in this depressing department, the more the merrier I say.
  • We can come up with the best stories. Our imagination is awesome! If you are going camping, then you need one of us around to keep the camp fire fun going all night long.
  • We adapt to any situation. That’s because when we were younger our parents forced us to mingle with other kids. I guess fearing that we would become hermits or our social skills would not form properly, or something. So we got forced into a lot of play dates with the weird oddball kids. We adapted, became patient, and knew how to deal with crazy people for very long periods of time. So if you need a buddy to go antique hunting with or ponder over the space time continuum then call upon us.
  • We love a good challenge. (Refer back to the space time continuum).
  • Adventure is our middle name. We sought it out as children and we long for it as adults. If you need a travel buddy, then we are the best ones to accompany you.
  •  Unlike your other moocher friends we will never ask for anything. (refer back to being  independent)
  • We love games. So if you need a bingo partner then we need to be number one in your speed dial list.
  • We do really weird things. Therefore we can be a constant source of entertainment.

There are many more reasons I could tell you about on why we are so awesome as a friend. But I think I’ve sold you guys on the only child awesomeness pretty well. So what are you waiting for… go out and find an only child to befriend right away! WE ARE…(need help?) AWESOME!

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