66 Of The Best Gifs That Will Inspire and Spark a Serious Case of Wanderlust


Ok Folks, here’s where I go all gushy-gooey-mushy about how dang obsessed I am with Gifs. You guys may not see it as much on here but believe me when I say that gifs are pretty awesome. If I’m writing a post and I feel like there should be an accompaniment of an annoyed facial expression or that of some eye rolling, I quickly go to giphy.com and I find what I’m looking for. That site has everything by the way. Well, almost everything.

But then I recently joined Tumblr. Yes, I’m also on Tumblr. It’s like I’m a walking social media freak! All in the name of promoting this blog might I add. There’s a reason why people get other people to solely produce social media content for their brand. It’s no joke. The hours it takes is ridiculous. Anyway, I digress as always.

Tumblr is… hmm… how do I put it. Nah, I think I can just go ahead and profess my happiness over it for all the world to know. It’s pretty amazing. I think it has the best source of beautiful photos from the entire web. No seriously! But then again, maybe you already knew that. Obviously, I’m unacceptably late to the party as usual. However, for those not so much in the know; go and type ‘Tumblr photography’ in Google images and see the awesomeness that unfolds before you. Bam! Beautiful photographs that you can admire and share.

While on Tumblr I started looking at gifs. I am not going to lie. I was like a kid in a candy shop. It’s actually quite ridiculous what amuses me. As I searched to my hearts content, my eyes grew wide as I randomly stumbled upon some insanely beautiful ones. These were so not like my giggly stank face gifs that I was getting from giphy! (Too many words starting with ‘g’ right? Eh… I don’t feel like changing it) No, these gifs were giving me inspiration, creativity and a serious case of wanderlust. I literally went on a rampage to save all the ones that I thought were spectacular.

So to all the travel bloggers or lovers of photography, these bad boys are for you. Hope you like them.

16 thoughts on “66 Of The Best Gifs That Will Inspire and Spark a Serious Case of Wanderlust

  1. These gifs are awesome! They definitely add an element that a still photo doesn’t have. I’m definitely going to check out Tumblr, most liekly over the weekend.

  2. Reblogged this on 100 Days of Sunshine and commented:
    How awesome and beautiful are these Wanderlust gifs? I hope this epic compilation of beautiful wanderlust and travel themed moving images brighten up your day.
    PS: You can click on any image to view it separately on a black background.

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  4. I’ve never looked up Tumblr before, but I’m definitely gonna do it after seeing all those beautiful GIFs. I knew they existed, but it has never crossed my mind to use it on my blog or anything. I don’t really know why because when I look at them now it feels like I get transported to another place and time. I honestly think I could look at GIFs for hours. Looks incredible.

    • I felt the same way. I never went on Tumblr. I never even wanted to. But then I started finding these beautiful photos and I became intrigued! They definitely transport you somewhere else!

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