A Week Talking About Love…


Okay guys. It’s time that I tell you that I am not liking this exploration into love. It has opened up a lot of mixed feelings on the matter. I went from sappy, to mushy, to humorous, to even writing short stories on the subject. And boy has it taken a toll on me.

I set out this week to create a theme that was surrounded by the subject of love. I figured since Valentine’s Day and 50 Shades of Grey both were happening on Saturday (well actually right now in the UK since it’s midnight) that is was a fitting theme to start off with. As I explored the subject I opened myself up completely. I was not going to be the cynical Sally like I usually am. And I think I portrayed the subject in an unbiased way. In fact I think I swayed more towards ‘The Notebook’ than that of ‘The Black Dahlia’. Which I am super proud of. But guys, I think I have had enough.

All this mushiness has made me a softy! And that completely contradicts my star sign of being a Cancer. We are supposed to be tough as nails on the outside, keeping our gloopy lovey dovey mush on the inside. Suppressing it, if you will. And here I was spewing out poems, sonnets, inspirational love stories and care bears who were floating on rainbows.

I am talked out! Don’t get me wrong. I love, love. One day I hope to find a partner that can complete me and push me to be better. One who sees beauty in my flaws. But I will not be talking about love all the time like a blushing school girl. I believe that we actually throw love around so much that it has lost its meaning. Like when we say how much we love inanimate objects. “Oh I love that sweater!” or “I love Justin Bieber so much, I’m going to die!”. I mean firstly do you love that sweater so much that you would marry it? I think not! And secondly, Justin Bieber can go suck on some balls. That my young friends, is infatuation. Crack out the dictionary and learn the difference.

Love is a wondrous thing. But talking about it so much is quite off putting. I think we should cherish it a little bit more. I think we should act like it’s an elite membership at a swanky club. One where you only hear whispers of it. Where its presence is only heard of through the grapevine, and where you need a magical key to get through the door.

So I’m done being uber mushy for the time being. Maybe for my next weekly theme I’ll do one on food or something.

2 thoughts on “A Week Talking About Love…

  1. You have a good point, I get it, but I’m also glad that this side of you came out again. I’m very happy that I got to experience it through your blog because it’s truly beautiful and really draws you in. Thank you for writing these beautiful posts and for sharing them here. I’m very much looking forward to a new theme week as well 🙂 I think it will be fun for you and for us, readers 🙂

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