Why Instagram Has Made Me A Better Photographer…

This evening I happen to be writing this post on the bus ride home. Reason being, Oxford Circus tube station was being a bit temperamental today. That is by far, the nicest way I can put it.  Because if I really showed my colourful thoughts on this tube station you wouldn’t be reading legible words, instead you would be getting different made-up combinations of swearing. Which wouldn’t be the best read for you guys now would it?

As I sat on the bus cursing out this retched journey home, my profanity climaxed as I realised I had forgotten my noise-cancellation headphones in my desk drawer at work. I literally yelled out “SHIT” in despair. Those things are my only sanity on my commutes to and from work. They are so good that I don’t even hear bastards sitting right next to me talking loudly on their phones telling the tales of their whole shitty problematic lives. (I’m sitting next to one of those bastards right now). At this point, I was sure, that the fate fairies were giggling their glittery winged asses off at me for being in this predicament. I cursed them out too. How the hell was I going to pass this bus ride from hell? And that’s when an explosion went off in my head. I was going to go on Instagram.

Ok firstly I should say I chose to make my Instagram account all about capturing the world around me and not me personally (selfies) or what my boring days consist of. There’s only so many pictures I could put of me sitting at my desk, or me sitting on my couch in my kindergarten pj’s and grey bunny slippers, or my large Costa Coffee take away crates I buy hoping that all the caffeine will speed up the seconds in the day and not just heighten the state of my oncoming shaky jitters.

While flipping through my feed I noticed a gradual progression from bad to not so bad. My first ever photos were ridiculously bad. I didn’t consider my compositions or subjects, not even the lighting was thought of and editing was non-existent. But as I came to grips with the hundreds of thousands of photographers that existed on Instagram, I soon realised that my skills were shit.  And that’s when I started to think about capturing moments better. You can see my process slowly change with every photo that I would eventually post.

Following and communicating with like-minded people who loved photography was great. They were encouraging and complimented my efforts which made me want to keep on going. I started following amazing Instagramers who’s feeds happened to be untouchable, they were that good. And it got my creative juices going.

Through the eyes of others’ captured beauty I learned, asked questions and carried on trying. I experimented with macro (close-ups) landscapes and minimalism. Instagram was like a free tutor that I had access to 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It was a life coach egging me on to do better. It has introduced me to new photo apps and editing tools. And most importantly it introduced me to my favourite iPhone companion, the Olloclip.

Now looking back at some of my early photos I didn’t know shit. Take a look if you don’t believe me…

You see? What the hell was I thinking with some of these. But I have learned now to take my time, to capture as many photos as I see fit, to get the perfect one. Here are some of my more recent ones…

So you see, I’ve definitely upgraded my photo taking abilities. I still have so much to learn , but that’s what I love about photography. I know some of you may be thinking, jeeeezzzz this bitch is obsessed. And yeah, maybe I am. But it makes me happy. To be creative and express yourself in whatever way you deem awesome, is a great hobby to have. I am in no way quitting my day job but it’s most definitely a nice outlet for me.

All I can say is, learn new tricks every day. Try and improve your skills on whatever really gets you excited. If health is your thing, then go on Instagram and start following fitness feeds. Whatever you desire is at the touch of your fingertips. So go out there and learn shit. It’s for free for god sake. You are learning fun things for free. Need I say more.

2 thoughts on “Why Instagram Has Made Me A Better Photographer…

    • Thank you! And yes it definitely involves patience. I used to crack out my camera while with friends but they got impatient with me. I now go places by myself and take hours if I want to. It’s made such a difference and I love it.

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