Why We Should Always Capture Life…


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I’ve had a love of photography ever since I could remember. It was brought on by my Dedo (grandpa) who was an avid photographer. He used to capture every event that was worth capturing. My parents on the other hand were not so photography-minded. They rarely ever took photos of me as a child, least of all videos. I think I have one VHS tape that is of me as a child. That, in my books, is horrible. All my baby pictures were taken by my Dedo. My parents have heard my complaints on the matter for my entire life and all they can do is shrug. If it wasn’t for my Dedo then I wouldn’t have much to look back on. Hence me picking up his hobby of being an avid photographer and why I think it’s extremely important to capture life. Even if it didn’t seem too relevant at the time. In the future it will become relevant. It will aid your memories of a specific day or a specific person.

All my friends will agree with me when I say I take photos of everything. I have 3 hard-drives at the moment that have all my photos backed up on them. Just in the shit chance of one failing I have 2 others that will keep my photos safe. That’s how much I cherish my photos. When my friends and I are out, none of them bring cameras any more because they know that I will be there to take a shit load. Not only do I take all the photos but I photoshop them afterwards. Adjusting the lighting or cropping out the side of my friend’s love handle that she requested to be removed. I try very hard to never put a bad photo up of anyone. Now that’s dedication!

Sometimes I do go overboard. If I’m out taking photos of nature then I will take hundreds because in my mind, every photo is unique. Even moving the camera slightly changes everything. With every snap the light or the subject matter changes dramatically. Some of my friends, who will remain nameless of course, cringe at my obsession. They have said in the past, “Oh god, don’t start taking hundreds of photos now” and would become annoyed with me. But here’s the thing. Who do you suppose they ask to get pictures from of a certain day? Me, that’s who! If this is a passion of mine, shouldn’t I be supported no matter how obsessed I get. If we are out and I stop to take a photo, I don’t want to feel rushed by my friends with their eyes boring a hole into the back of me. I now go places on my own, where I can be in peace and take as many damn photos as I want.

Photography is an important hobby to have. It’s a chance to build hard-copies of eventual memories. It’s a chance to snap every detail on that day and every smile or solemn moment that may arise. It should be your right hand man when raising your child, where you can document their first bath, bike ride or first day at school. It should be there with you on trips, at weddings, on a camping excursion, at your friend’s house where you are just goofing around. Your camera, whether it be a phone or a professional one is your modern day scrapbook.

When I get older to the point of not being able to remember certain details of my life, I will want to have an aid to help me recreate some of the best days of my life. To be able to look upon hard evidence that I did in fact lead a life. A life worth living. Sometimes when I get a little down and out, I crack out an old photo folder on my hard-drive and as I click from photo to photo I start to become happier again. Realising that I did in fact have fun times, great times. Times where I have created such wonderful memories.

All I can say is, start taking photos of everything. Take a picture of a setting sun, a walk in the park, your feet from where you stand or of your lover’s eyes. No matter what the subject may be, just start snapping. Trust me, 50 years from now when you can’t remember the details of that New Year’s eve party that changed your life, you will be able to pull out a photo and smile as those wonderful details come flooding back to you.

So get snapping!

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